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BingTweets Integrates Twitter and Bing Search, Literally


Bing in partnership with Federated Media and of course Twitter has rolled out BingTweets which is described as:

BingTweets combines Twitter trends with Bing search results, enabling you to see deeper, real-time information about the hottest topics on Twitter. You can also search for anything in the BingTweets search box (at the top right of every page) and see Bing search results alongside the most recent related tweet

BingTweets sort of integrates Twitter search and Bing’s own web search interface.  While this may sound exciting, there is however a limitation to BingTweets in terms of displaying search results. The integrated Bing/Twitter search portal allows simultaneous searching on both Twitter and Bing, but it does not show the results in one integrated SERPs.

The BingTweet site has two search box options. One search box located at the top allows users to search both Bing and Twitter at the same time.  When displaying search results, BingTweet displays the results from Bing on the main part of the site while the Twitter search results are displayed on the sidebar. The Twitter search results is the same thing that you will see if you do your search from your Twitter account.

The other search box is of course from and it is your regular Bing web search interface. So when users enter their search terms on this search box, it will search through Bing’s index and not Twitter.

Despite this limitation, BingTweets is still a pretty useful service especially if you’re a heavy Twitter user and you need to search both the Twitter timeline and the web. But that is of course if you prefer Bing over the other search engines.

In addition to featuring real-time search via Twitter, BingTweets also has some add-on features including updates from Twitter’s “Popular Now”, “People”, “Places” and “Products” trends.

There is also a facility for tweeting and sharing whatever searches you have conducted from BingTweets.

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BingTweets Integrates Twitter and Bing Search, Literally

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