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Bing’s Dynamic Search Ads: Better Features than Google?

Bing’s dynamic search ads can give you a lot of freedom to improve, customize, and enhance your text ads. Yahoo and Bing partnered relatively recently, and as a consequence, Bing has gained importance in recent years in terms of its capabilities as a search engine.

As of 2016, Bing Ads began testing dynamic search ads in the U.S. This, most notably, “lets you create ads for relevant search queries based on the content on your website”. The truth is, you could be getting a lot more out of search ads with Bing by making them dynamic.

Dynamic insertion, when used correctly, can more accurately match a user’s search, and thus get them to click through to your site more often. According to, “…inserting the exact keyword into a paid listing improves CTR by 38% on average.” Not only that, but they are more targeted and you can create several in your Bing account. They are also very easy to update and change, meaning that it does not take a whole lot of effort to adjust and adapt your keywords as they are relevant with your e-commerce site.

They are more targeted than Google. In digital marketing, a lot of the attention goes to Google’s advertising choices. This makes sense as Google remains the web’s largest, most preferred search engine. However, Bing’s dynamic ads are actually more targeted. In explanation:

Google Ads: {Keyword:Your Default Text Here}

Bing Ads: {keyword}, {param1},{param2}, and {param3}

This means that you can use as many parameters as you need to reach and target your audience with every dynamic ad that you create.

How It Works


In the above screenshot you can see the different ad results, depending upon if the searcher is looking for  “flowers” versus “roses,” making the ad that much more targeted to each individual user. “Flower” is a broad placeholder for multiple other keywords that a user could be searching for (roses, daisies, lilies, sunflowers, etc.).

For the flower delivery company in this example, this is key as it helps the searcher know that the floral service carries the exact item that the user is looking for.

Below is an example of what the Bing ad settings look like for this campaign:


Let’s take another example to see how this might function across industries (and so that you know how to establish a placeholder keyword).

Let’s say that you operate an e-commerce store that sells sports products. You could use a dynamic ad to achieve multiple targeted search conversions:

Example #1: Sports Equipment Online. The highest quality sports gear you will find online!

Example #2: Hockey Equipment Online. The highest quality hockey gear you will find online!

Example #3: Football Equipment Online. The highest quality basketball gear you will find online!

In the examples we have created, you notice that “sports” is the keyword placeholder for more specific kinds of sports gear (i.e, hockey and football). What this is intended to demonstrate is that these kinds of dynamic ads can really work well for e-commerce sites that may specialize in a general category which has popular and specific niches.

In the case of a sports retailer, potential customers may not be likely to search for “sports equipment” as much as they would for the particular sport they play such as “soccer equipment.” In theory, since you can use as many parameters as you need to target all possibilities, a sports retailer could use a dynamic ad to target every kind of sport they sell equipment for.

The Benefits of Bing’s Dynamic Ads

In case the benefits of dynamic ads are not clear yet, let’s take a closer look so that you can better understand how to get the most out of this advertising opportunity:

  • Frequent Updates: Using dynamic ads, you can frequently update, adjust, and change ads as need be. Bing will also crawl your site to help ensure that your dynamic ads are as up to date as possible with the parameters you set.
  • Dynamic Headlines: Since the parameters you set are attuned to the possible searches of your audience, your ads will be dynamic and change to be targeted to the search (rather than broad). This means connecting with potential customers more often through a dynamic and targeted headline.
  • Page Control: These ads let you control whether the landing page the user will land on is your home page or another specific page on your website. According to Search Engine Journal, Bing believes these kinds of ads are ideal for businesses that have a lot of product and services pages.
  • Changing Inventory: If you have an inventory that is regularly changing, it can be difficult to manage search ads, so dynamic ads allow your flexibility without constant monitoring.
  • Extend Your Reach: Dynamic ads allow you to extend your reach and get more traffic while having a targeted approach that highlights a user’s specific keyword.
  • Bing Does the Work: As mentioned, Bing Ads dynamically generates your headlines based on the keywords you choose to put in the parameters of the search query. The best part, however, is that Bing does the work by choosing the best landing page to send searchers. This means that you don’t have to worry about keywords, ad titles, or bids with this platform.
  • A Variety of Ways to Target: A benefit of Bing’s Dynamic ads is that there are quite a few ways to target using existing content. This includes specific landing pages on your website, categories that exists on your website, or the entirety of your website.


The Takeaway

With the release of Bing’s dynamic ads, there are now a lot more possibilities for advertising with this platform, especially in targeting users using e-commerce specific keywords in their searches. To make the most of these ads, you really should have a variety of products or services referenced in your campaigns. This will allow Bing to adjust and manage the ads to drive relevant traffic to pages on your site. The simplicity of targeting and ad design truly makes creating these ads worthwhile!

Have you used Bing’s dynamic search ads for your business website? What do you like/dislike about them? Let us know on social media!

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Featured Image Credit: Yaruta/Deposit Photos

In-post Image 1 & 2: Screenshots taken by author January 2017.

In-post Image 3: Bing Ads

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Bing’s Dynamic Search Ads: Better Features than Google?

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