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Bing to Let You Ping Search Results to Twitter and Facebook

Bing is preparing a new sharing feature right on its SERPs – sharing search results to Twitter and Facebook, as well as email.  The new feature is called Bing & Ping and it’s your typical sharing feature that we see on almost any websites right now. What’s unique about this is the fact that Bing is appending the sharing icons (Twitter and Facebook) at the bottom of each of the search results in a given SERP.

Picture 6

The sharing icons will be in almost all of the Bing search results and will be more particularly useful when you are doing travel-related searches and other interesting stuff. You can now immediately share what you find on Bing search to anyone in your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Interestingly, the sharing feature did not include Windows Live as pointed out in some of the comments on the Bing Community Blog. It’s a valid concern especially since Windows Live also has an updating of status feature.  But then of course we all know that it would be best for Bing to have the sharing feature for Twitter and Facebook users first.

Bing will be sending out invites to interested users who would like to preview Bing & Ping. If you’re interested,  become a fan of Bing’s Facebook fan page and watch out for the invites. And while you’re still in Facebook, you might also want to become a fan of SEJ’s Facebook page. It’s rapidly growing and you wouldn’t want to be left behind by those cool Facebook members who already became fans of SEJ.

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Bing to Let You Ping Search Results to Twitter and Facebook

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