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US Public Perception of Bing Search Engine Up

Microsoft sees one of its biggest US consumer perception surges in two years - Bing is one of the main properties to enhance Microsoft’s brand power.

bing buzz score chart

According to YouGov BrandIndex, Microsoft is experiencing one of its biggest US consumer perception surges in two years, and Bing is riding the wave, mainly due to its latest advertising campaign.

bing buzz score chartBuzz Scores: Microsoft, Bing, Windows – via YouGov BrandIndex

In January 2012, Bing ditched its Decision Engine tagline, replacing it with Bing is for doing, and followed up with a massive ad campaign, which also included the Bing It On challenge designed to show users how Bing results are better than Google’s. The site for the challenge used to be – which now redirects to, as the campaign ended.

YouGov BrandIndex doesn’t reveal whether this particular marketing move made Bing more popular with users in the US that it used to be, but it suggests that Bing’s advertising efforts coincide with the new Buzz score.

Bing has also enjoyed steady improvement with consumers overall, moving from 10 to 16 over the last several weeks. This represents its highest Buzz score in over two years and coincides with Bing’s current advertising campaign.

Bing seems to be doing good over the ocean too, as for the first time in five years Google’s UK search share has dipped below 90%, while Bing’s has climbed by 0.72 %, to 4.71%. This determined Charles Arthur to warn the search giant:

Watch out, Google: if last month’s search share loss carries on, then by February 2016 Microsoft’s Bing will have overtaken you.

All these statistics are positive for Bing, at a time when Google search faces antitrust scrutiny from the US Federal Trade Commission. Do you think that Bing has a chance to grab more market share, or are the aforementioned numbers a fortunate “accident” with no serious threat potential to Google?

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US Public Perception of Bing Search Engine Up

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