Bing Makes Local Search More Intuitive With Google-Like Quick Answers

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Bing Makes Local Search More Intuitive With Google-Like Quick Answers

The local search features we’ve grown accustomed to using on Google are now making their way over to Bing, the company revealed in an announcement today.

Now when you search for a local business on Bing, all the pertinent information such as phone number, address, store hours, and directions will be accessible at the top of the search results page.

If you know the address you want to get to but just need directions, you can skip a step by typing in “Directions to…” and then the address. Similarly you can get estimated travel time to your location by typing in “Travel time to…” and then the address.

These new features, which Bing is calling “Fact Answers”, are available as of today. However, they are not available to everyone on all devices.

The announcement adds that the directions feature is currently only available in the US, UK and France. The reviews and address answers are currently only available on desktop, so make sure to get everything sorted out before leaving the house.

Kind of odd that Bing wouldn’t make reviews and address searches available on mobile from the get-go, which is where I’m betting most people will want to perform these kinds of searches.

No timeframe was given on when mobile users will be given full access to all of Bing’s new features, but if Bing wants to be true alternative to Google in this area they better make mobile a priority.

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