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Bing Gets a Slight Increase in Market Share

Expect more of these kinds of post in the next couple of days as search analysts will be on the lookout for statistics on Bing’s first month of operation. The latest of these data is coming from StatCounter which is reporting that Microsoft’s search market share went up to 8.5% one month after Bing’s launch.

Although Bing’s  market share is still miles away from Google’s , Microsoft would be glad to know that part of  the increase from previous month’s 7.81% to this month’s 8.5% seemed to have been taken from Google’s market share.

Google’s market share drop a few notch from 78.72% to 78.48. While Yahoo’s market share increased from 10.99% to 11.04%.

Interestingly, during its first month of operation, Bing’s market share was not steadily increasing. It had its peak during the first week after launch before dropping during the middle two weeks of June and then finally rising again during the last week.

While this may seem good news for Microsoft, it’s still too early to tell whether Bing could sustain its momentum and continue to get some more market share.  Let’s wait until other Internet analytics reports come out in the coming days and compare this report to see whether Bing is really registering positive numbers.

In the meantime, let us allow Microsoft and the whole Bing team to rejoice for the fruits of their hard labor.

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Bing Gets a Slight Increase in Market Share

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