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Bing Gains 1% Market Share in July, Google’s Share Goes Down

Bing Gains 1% Market Share in July, Google’s Share Goes Down

If you’re Google and you know that two of your fiercest rivals have joined forces to beat you, and you just found out that one of them is gradually gaining some market share would you be alarmed? Well, let’s leave that to Google as we learned from the latest data from Statcounter showing that Bing has again market share anew in July.According to Statcounter, Bing managed to increase its share of the U.S. search market to 9.41% in July from June’s 8.23%.  The combined search market share of Bing and Yahoo is at 20.36% from 19.27% in June.

Google’s U.S. search market share slightly went down to 77.54% in July from 78.48% in June.

So, even with the combined search market share of Bing and Yahoo, it’s still a long uphill climb before they even reach half of Google’s search market share.

Even harder for Bing and Yahoo to achieve is Google’s global search market share which is currently at 89.23% in July from 89.90% in June. Bing and Yahoo’s combined global search market share is 8.77% in July from 8.45% in June.

Statcounter’s data was based on 1.006 billion search engine referring clicks from the global market and 258 million from the U.S. market.

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