Bing Becomes the No. 2 Search Engine for a Day

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If this is any indication of the trend to come in the search engine market, it looks like Yahoo might be in serious trouble while Google may be slightly threaten. Bing is still in preview mode and yet it has made a significant impact in the search market trend already, even if it was only for one day.globalstatcounter

Data from StatCounter Global Stats showed that Bing has grabbed the second spot in search market share in both the U.S. and worldwide.

According to the StatCounter data analysis for search market share on June 4, Bing managed to get 16.8% share while Yahoo who remained at its average market share posted 10.22%. Google which remained at the number one spot posted a 71.47 share.  This is bad news for Yahoo although Bing didn’t manage to snag some of its share but got it from Google instead.

Globally, Bing slightly edged out Yahoo with 5.62% and 5.13% market share respectively. Google retain its share with 87.62% share.

Although the data was only for a day, still it is significant enough as it is very rare that this things happen when it comes to search engine rankings.  Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer can already deduct one day from the five year time period that he set as Bing’s target date to become the second biggest search engine.  And Ballmer better hope that Bing would sustain this market share for a month.  The good thing is that Bing is still in preview mode and yet it is already creating a mark.

It may still be too early to tell whether Bing could permanently overtake Yahoo. But the Yahoo search work better do something drastic to outwit Bing.

Arnold Zafra
Arnold Zafra writes daily on the announcements by Google,, Yahoo & MSN along with how these announcements effect web publishers. He is currently building three niche blogs covering iPad News, Google Android Phones and E-Book Readers.
Arnold Zafra
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  • Vygantas

    Tip: please make pictures clickable, so we can enlarge, thanks.

    Overall, I’ve tried bing, it’s really great, haven’t replaced G for me (just because it’s so much cleaner, has no additional stuff like sidebar iwth useless content (for me)), etc. etc.

    But is def. what I am using from now on.

  • Greg

    I don’t think Bing (or any other) will be challenging G anytime soon BUT as indicated in the article, Yahoo has to be thinking…”Maybe we should’ve sold.” :O)

  • Dan London

    Interesting to see what happens. Cuil still around? Snap?

  • Marco

    The big question now is whether Microsoft will take a big chunk out of Yahoo’s paid search revenue, as mentioned here: Does Microsoft Big Change Paid Search.

  • David Leonhardt

    It’s still new and everyone is testing it out. That is to say, all the online marketing folks are testing it out. Will they stay? Not if Bing keeps telling us it’s still 1996. Then again, with the ad budget they have…

  • Michael Martinez

    This data is bogus. Google doesn’t have an 87% “market share”. No current search market share estimates are looking at the real picture.

  • connymaniac

    No surprise – if the search within the internet explorer itself (top right) is set to Bing by default. It will take a while until the users will have changed it back to Google… if they know how to do this that is.

  • Lohith

    SO much hoopla around Bing. Time will tell

  • SeoProfy

    yeah, i agree, time will tell

    but bing have a lot of chances ro become top search engine, because of windows=)

  • Faraz

    I am agree with you, this would help us.

  • art jewelry

    I started seeing more Bing hits to my site and had no idea what it was – now I know and will pay more attention to that traffic.

  • Marketta

    I think Google should be more concerned than Yahoo. The chart appears to show that the searches that Bing got would have been Google searches (by the dip in Google). Yahoo didn’t lose market share but it appears that Google did. It’s just one day though so we’ll have to wait for a trend to form before we can do more than speculate.
    I’m a big fan of yours Arnold 🙂

  • occupation gifts

    After seeing Google Wave, I don’t think Google’s going anywhere, anytime soon.

  • This is Durham

    Bing’s results are way better than Yahoo’s but not up to Google’s standards yet.

  • Tour dates

    Bing is good and will be second search engine. I like it and think it like me too 😉

  • Pattaya Thailand

    Bing’s results are already back down below Yahoo, I think a lot had to do with all the media attention they were given over the past week. A lot of people went to check it out, but returned to their favorite engine.

    So is live dead, or are they running side by side for now?

  • Google Adwords Expert

    I hope Bing will take a little market of Google’s monopoly. Bing is still not very relevant in the search results, but I must say its a little better then Yahoo!.. I hope Microsoft will continue to improve this.

  • Search for free

    Thank you very much for this information. Bing is good and will be second search engine.