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Billionaire Icahn Becomes a Good Blogger, He Knows the Importance of an RSS

Billionaire turned blogger Carl Icahn explains why he has not posted anything about his proxy battle against Yahoo in his newly established personal blog.

At this time, due to SEC regulations, I do not intend to post your comments regarding the proxy fight. However, I am planning to give you my views about Yahoo and its management shortly. If you wish to be informed I invite you to subscribe. Stay tuned.

That “subscribe” anchor link of course links to his blog’s RSS subscription page. Whoever is managing Icahn’s blog or if it is really is, he surely knows how to make a blog generate interest and anticipation – and feed subscriber.

Instead of ranting and raving about the controversional Yahoo proxy battle, the blog reasoned out that Icahn can not just write about it since the proxy battle is still ongoing and it might post some complications to the matter at hand.

Now, that’s what I call ingenuity. With a high-profile blog like the Icahn report steered by a high-profile internet figure, we might see it becoming an A-List blog soon and Icahn as an A-Lister blogger pretty soon. (Hopefully not!)

In the meantime, we’re tuning in to the blog from time to time to see what Icahn has to say about his views on the Yahoo issue. And we might subscribe to his blog’s RSS later on.

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Billionaire Icahn Becomes a Good Blogger, He Knows the Importance of an RSS

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