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Big Apple Updates For Search Marketing Professionals

So I’m watching #WWDC today, Apples big event.  Today they’ve launched a new Macbook Air, Mac Pro and among other things… iOS 7.   You should all know that I’m a huge Apple Fanboy and pretty much buy anything they put out  (lame I know).

WWDC search marketing

It was notable today that Apple’s Eddy Cue mentioned iOS7 Siri integration will let you search directly in Bing.  What does this mean for us SEO’s in the Search Marketing industry, basically that we should really start paying attention to Bing.   With new contract and integrations, we should all be focusing a bit more on them.

Apple has been trying to get off the Google bandwaggon for the past couple years but now with them searching Bing for all Siri searches, this could be the big push for all search marketers to really start pushing for more Bing SEO.

Some cool stats from Black Friday 2012 were that almost 12% of all purchases were through iOS mobile iPhones.  Seems like a crazy number considering that Black Friday accounted for billions of dollars of revenue last year.

Have any of you been doing SEO to optimize for Siri searches?  Is there best practices or things that you can do to further this and gain more traffic for your clients through these web searches?

Would love to know the following question: What can I do to optimize my website for Siri on Bing?

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Big Apple Updates For Search Marketing Professionals

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