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Authors Group Wants Google Book Search Deal Rejected

Google is getting a new opposition to the proposed settlement of its lawsuit over the Google Book Search project.  This time it’s from a group of authors and publishers who are arguing that the agreement will undermine privacy rights for both readers and writers.

The authors and publishers belonging to the National Coalition of Authors include top authors, Michael Chabon, Jonathan Lethem, Bruce Schenier to name a few. It also includes representatives from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, American Civil Liberties Union, the Samuelson Law, Technology and Publich Policy Clinic at the University of  California, Berkeley School of Law.

Upon filing their petition, the group expressed their concerns over the fact that Google will be collecting personal identifying information about users who will purchase books online. This, according to the group might affect their readership.

Computer security expert Bruce Schenier told the Electronic Frontier Foundation:

“I believe that the fear of tracking will create a chilling effect on my readers and reduce my readership, and therefore my revenue, from these books. Moreover, I write these books in order to participate in the public debate on security issues. Reduced readership negatively impacts my expressive interests as an author.”

The group is also asking the Federal Judge to require Google to come up with a comprehensive privacy policy that would protect readers similar to what they are getting from libraries and traditional bookstores. They suggest measures such as limited tracking of users, user control of personal information stored by Google, and system transparency.

Hearing on the Google Book Search settlement is about to take place in October 7, 2009. With the National Coalition of Authors and other online entities who recently expressed opposition to the said agreement, it looks like its going to be another tough battle ahead for Google.

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Authors Group Wants Google Book Search Deal Rejected

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