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Josh Millrod is a digital strategist at Wieden+Kennedy, a full-service, creatively driven advertising agency based in Portland, Oregon with offices in Amsterdam, London, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai and Delhi.  Josh’s work encompasses brand strategy, community management and SEO for a variety of clients.  In his ever dwindling free time, he plays trumpet in a noise band called Grasshopper and runs a small record label called Bloodfist Karate School. The views in this article belong solely to the author and do not represent those of Wieden+Kennedy in any way, shape or form.


Going viral doesn’t just happen!  And if it does, it’s the exception to the rule.  Almost always, viral content explodes because of careful maneuvering by...

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I’m a noise musician.  For those of you not familiar with the genre, that means my band, Grasshopper , caters to a very small audience...

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