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Gregory Smith is an industry veteran. He loves Search Engine Optimization and is an extremely passionate SEO and Creative Marketing Professional -- with nearly a decade of hands-on experience in his field. He writes for Search Simplicity - a SEO Company, founded by himself.Gregory Smith enjoys blogging and enjoys helping others. If you need help, taking your business to the next level, contact Gregory Smith by email at thelocalseocompany@gmail.comConnect with Greg Smith on Google+ and Twitter to learn more!

I’m Awesome At:

SEO, International SEO, Mobile SEO, Local Search, Social Media, PPC, Content Marketing, Blogging, Display, Entrepreneurism, Link Building, Content Marketing, Lead Generation, Greyhat SEO, etc

Favorite Tools:

Google+, Facebook or Twitter


Favorite Industry Peeps:

Michael Martinez, Jill Whalen and other old-school SEO veterans.

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