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Anne Ahola Ward is a Futurist, O'Reilly Author and CEO of CircleClick Media, founded in 2009. She was a web developer for 10 years, and through her love of analytics, Anne transitioned into the field of SEO as the field was forming. Ward is currently writing the next SEO book for O’Reilly, entitled The SEO Battlefield, due to be published March 2017.

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SEO, Mobile SEO, Local Search, Social Media, PPC, Content Marketing, Entrepreneurism, Analytics

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Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools

Google+, Facebook or Twitter


Favorite Industry Peeps:

Jon SwartzSarah BuhrTom ForemskiJohn BoitnottJohn Rampton

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What’s Next in Search?

What’s Next in Search?

As SEOs, we have to consider the WWW is not what we’re dealing with anymore. The immediate future of SEO lies in the mobile web and with local search.

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