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Associated Press Offers AI Guidance For Content Creators

Discover the latest advice from the Associated Press (AP) about artificial intelligence (AI) and how it impacts content marketers.

  • AI's role in content marketing is multifaceted, affecting various sectors beyond technology.
  • A deep understanding of AI systems is essential to create valuable content with and about AI tools.
  • Content marketers should use caution and skepticism regarding AI-generated content due to its limitations.
ap guidance on ai content

The popularity of generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT has led to an explosion of AI content, prompting new guidance from the Associated Press (AP).

The latest advice from AP explores how content marketers should focus on real-world implications without sensationalism when writing about AI and how AI tools fit into the content marketing process.

Understanding AI Systems

In an era where AI is becoming more prevalent across various industries, its influence has transformed how content is researched, crafted, published, promoted, and analyzed.

For content marketers to confidently use and explain AI technologies to their audiences, they must grasp the underlying concepts of AI development.

Because humans create the training data and develop AI models, AI tools have inherited biases.

Content marketers should recognize this when evaluating AI models, tools, and outputs.

Moreover, the content should explore how an AI can predict words and phrases with near human-level comprehension to help readers better understand the rapidly advancing technology.

It’s essential, however, to avoid using language that attributes human characteristics to AI systems. While an AI output may appear human-like, an AI system does not have the same thoughts and emotions.

Treating AI Content As Unvetted Source Material

Content writers and editors should exercise caution and skepticism when using generative AI throughout the content publishing process.

Understanding an AI system’s limitations is critical to creating transparent and reliable content for your audience.

AP stressed the responsibility of content publishers to treat AI-generated content as unvetted source material instead of publishable content.

Many AI models rely on outdated information, resulting in unreliable outputs. Content creators must verify the accuracy of anything generated by AI and encourage their readers to do the same.

Maintaining The Role Of Humans In Content Cration

Ultimately, AI is not intended to replace people in content creation. People remain vital in gathering, evaluating, and confirming facts, constantly focusing on accuracy and fairness.

AP hopes its latest advice helps content marketers efficiently utilize AI to share its potential and limitations with audiences through a better understanding of AI.

The addition of AI guidelines in the AP Stylebook comes a month after AP and OpenAI announced a partnership to explore use cases of generative AI for news publishers. It hopes AI tools will give journalists more time to do meaningful reporting.

Featured image: Artie Medvedev/Shutterstock

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Associated Press Offers AI Guidance For Content Creators

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