Already Serving Google Search Results

SMS Text, which yesterday laid off 8% of its search related workforce and announced that it will now rebrand as an informational portal for women (timewarp back to 1998), is apparently already serving limited tests of Google powered results in search results.

Search Engine Roundtable reports that a forum member saw limited Powered by Google results, then reset his cookies, and saw nothing.

Barry from SER is asking readers to search and send in screen captures of Google powered results :

If you guys want to help out, please conduct some random searches on and see if any of them match the Google search results. Make sure when searching in Google to be logged out and personalized search off. Also, when searching in, I would test it in Internet Explorer on a PC.

If you do see that the results match, please contact me at barry.schwartz AT, attach a screen capture of the results, the browser type and version and your OS. I seriously want to have these cases documented if possible, it is one thing to go by someone’s word and another thing to have a screen capture.

Have you witnessed Google powered search results from If so, take a screen capture and post the image on Flickr, send in the URL to Barry or post it in the comments. We want some proof.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Dan

    Why a “portal” for women? trying to be iVillage?

  • Search Engine Optimization Journal

    Interesting.. a portal for women? Wonder if that will succeed.

    As for Google powered searches on – I’ve searched for a few things and do not see the same results so no proof here!

  • Michael Martinez

    Yes, they are now showing Google results. This has to be the dumbest move yet from IAC. Ask was supposedly making money for them. Now they’re just going to throw that away and carry Google SERPs?

    Ask, AOL — never start a search company whose name starts with “A”. That’s obviously the first letter in STUPID.

  • Hawaii SEO

    Women do love shopping. They may be on to something.

    I wonder what the online spending ratio is between men & women? Do women typically spend more online than men?

  • Jill

    YUP, I have seen it too, they displayed a ad of ours (verified by the tracking code) that is supposed to be running on Google.

  • Michael Martinez

    Well, Ask says they are NOT displaying Google results and that we who think we saw such results are mistaken.

    Well, things looked funny yesterday but perhaps when I performed some spot checks I saw what I feared I would see.

    Time will tell, of course. Time will tell.

  • Alan Ray-Jones are capturing my favorites. When I click on a favorite that should take me straight to the website I want, it takes me to instead, who kindly(!!) search for it for me, then like or not say it is unobtainable. From then on, all searches for that site lead me to instead. Sometimes I can’t even get to Google direct – only through What can I do about this nuisance?

  • nathaniel

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