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As Google Tops November Search Ranking, YouTube Gets A Chunk of its Search Volume

As Google Tops November Search Ranking, YouTube Gets A Chunk of its Search Volume

As expected in comScore’s November search market report, Google’s share of the search market for November increased again compared to October’s data. And of course, it automatically follows that Yahoo and the other search engine’s search market share declined as well.

Google managed to pose a 0.4% increase with a total 63.5% while Yahoo’s share dropped by 0.1%, Microsoft 0.2%, 0.2% and AOL increased by 0.1%.

Of course, we kind of expect this trend to happen as it has always been the case in all the past months. But what is interesting to know about the latest data which was pointed out by Eric of TC is the fact that large chunk of Google’s search share was from YouTube.  To be exact 25% of Google’s share came from YouTube search, or a total 2,791 million of Google’s 10,767 million in the expanded search query report of comScore.


YouTube’s search market share is even bigger than that of Yahoo and the other search engines. It only goes to show how popular YouTube has become. It is only understable that until now, Google has been edgy on finding ways to generate revenue with the tremendous amount of page views, site traffic and user activities on their YouTube site.

And we don’t expect this trend to go down next year. On the contrary it might even go up, as YouTube just rolled some new enhancements to its site and would certainly continue to do so in the coming months.

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