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As Google Book Search Gets Better, Here Comes the Anti-Trust Regulators

So while U.S. Anti-Trust Regulators are planning to investigate Google’s deal with book publishers to settle copyright issues amounting to $125m, Google continues to make Book Search a better and worthwhile service for their users.


If you’ve been following this issue which has been dragging on since perhaps the day Google Book Search’s inception, you’d remember that Google has received so many criticisms because of this project. And so it is not surprising that Google would not  bother the  investigation that much.

So, anyway it’s something that is yet to happen so we might as well talk about the new feature of Google Book Search that we mentioned.

If you would recall, during the early part of May Google introduced searching inside books wherein the context of search results can be viewed, sorted by relevancy as well as flipped through while users are viewing books.

The new feature adds a cool feature via a scrollbar that appears when users search inside a book.  Hints will be displayed if you hover on the scrollbar located at the right side of the search results page.  These hints will enable you to preview where in the book the search term is located. You can then click on this annotation go to that part of the book.

And basically that’s it.  Just a simple enhancement and yet a useful one. Now it’s time to think about the anti-trust case.
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As Google Book Search Gets Better, Here Comes the Anti-Trust Regulators

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