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Are You Ready for Some Video Ripping Frenzy?

RealNetworks is set to launch the new version of its  Real Media player on June. The new version will of all updates possible, enable one-click video ripping from,  of all sources possible, video uploading sites online. Yes, online video fanatics can download their favorite user generated videos and burn these videos  on whatever medium they like. That is  for as long as these videos are DRM free. 

At first, these may sound great especially for online video savvy users, but looking at it from another angle, which I doubt if RealNetworks failed to see, this move may backfire on them instead of giving the company a much needed lift. I would have to agree with Michael that although it’s a great capability, RealNetworks may be placing its products somewhere between lawsuit and headache. 

Ironically, this announcement had to come out at the same time  when the YouTube-EMI deal was also announced. The guys at RealNetworks might have been sleeping during the time when YouTube was being bombarded with copyright infringement cases. 

Real Networks maybe threading on a thin line between being useful to users and getting exposed to possible copyright infringement cases. The new Real Media player is due to come out anytime this month. The Real Networks guys still have time to change their mind whether to release this player or not. But should it decide to push through, I would be glad to use it.

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Are You Ready for Some Video Ripping Frenzy?

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