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Are We Witnessing the Death of Print Journalism?

There’s a lot of discussion going on the websphere about the death of newspapers and print journalism lately. Although many are starting to believe that the dawn of newspapers and print journalism is starting to unfold, some won’t accept it. Don Dodge believes  its just being  disrupted by the internet, as all the other information products that are  being disrupted by web companies.

True, maybe. But then, when you read stuff like, Time Magazine cancels Life inset  or Infoworld folding its print magazine to focus on web delivery of information news, you can’t help but think that maybe, the print journalism is starting to succumb to the threats of digitization. On the environmental point of view, this is of course a welcome development as it would mean lesser paper, lesser cutting down of trees, and lesser paper wastes. But then, if digital print journalism continues to surge and other print news publication follow its path, there might come a time when those with no access to the web are left with no reliable source of news (yes, not everybody in this world are connected online).

But then of course, we might just be over reacting to these recent news. Infoworld is an elite print publication that caters to an elite crowd of technology savvy readers. And Time’s Life inset?, well I’m not really a big fan of this inset.

Now, it’s a different story when a top daily newspaper is rumored to be in trouble  without even an option for digital web version.  Now, that is called demise of “print journalism.”

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Are We Witnessing the Death of Print Journalism?

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