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Apple Tablet: Apple Bites Back at Google

Apple Tablet: Apple Bites Back at Google

Is Apple trying to disrupt the anticipation, hype and excitement over Google’s announcement of the Nexus One by announcing their own announcement of the Apple Tablet? None other than the Wall Street Journal reported and sort of confirmed that Apple is indeed launching its much talked Apple Tablet, which is due for launch not until March 27. While Google is about to officially unveil the Nexus One in a few hours from now.

Are we looking at the opening salvo of  the much awaited Google vs. Apple which we called an epic battle of Droids, Tunes and Systems?

Funny how Apple is trying hard to raise awareness on its Apple Tablet wherein fact, prior to Google’s rumored launch of the Nexus One, Apple has been mum about it. But with the media hype and buzz that Nexus One has been getting as early as December, with predictions saying that Nexus One might steal a great deal of mileage from iPhone, Apple has every reason to be weary.

Adding perhaps to Apple’s anxiety is Gartner’s prediction that the Android will dislodge iPhone from being the number smartphone operating systems in 2010.

Now here’s the best part, there is also some rumors circulating the past few days that aside from the Nexus One, Google is also planning to announce its own Android tablet. The rumor is so good that HTC was even mentioned as a partner again.

If this rumor is true, it would give Google some more time to gain mileage over the Apple Tablet which is due for launch March 27. Or perhaps, this might prompt Apple to launch the Apple Tablet earlier.

So, now the waiting game begins.

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Apple Tablet: Apple Bites Back at Google

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