Apple and Google and Windows, Oh My!

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After all kinds of announcements and press invitations this week, the tech world is set to be abuzz with news over the course of next week. A couple of days ago, invitations went out from Apple to attend an event in San Jose on October 23. According to Apple, it has  a “little more” to show us. The expectation is that the world will get to meet the new iPad mini. PCMag suggested that, along with the 7 inch iPad mini, we could see, “a 13-inch Macbook with a high-resolution Retina display screen, a new Mac Mini desktop, or even a slimmer iMac.”

On Thursday, October 25, Microsoft will kick off a day-long Windows 8 event in New York. The latest iteration of the Windows operating system is supposed to be an elegant, fast, fluid, and no-compromise experience. As part of the festivities, Microsoft will also be showing off the new Surface Tablet that will be going on sale at midnight Friday morning. Is it just me or does the new Windows website look a lot like Apple?


Just yesterday, an invitation was issued from Google for an Android event in New York on Monday, October 29. According to TechCrunch:

“The festivities start at 10:00 and the event will also be live streamed on YouTube, seemingly indicating this is a big announcement. The invite sheds little light on the subject matter, but that’s the date long-rumored for the launch of LG Nexus smartphone.”

Google may also announce the latest on the Nexus 7 tablets.

So, are you ready for massive mobile gear fun? What new toys are you most excited about?

Michelle Stinson Ross

Michelle Stinson Ross

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Michelle Stinson Ross
Michelle Stinson Ross
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