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Apple Challenges Google’s Mobile Ad Platform with iAd

Apple is officially entering the mobile ads arena, and perhaps taking revenge at Google for snatching its plan of acquiring AdMob. Apple’s battleplan?  the iAd mobile ad platform.

Apple’s iAd is a pretty straightforward mobile ad platform utilizing of course Apple’s main products – iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. These three devices are host to the thousands of mobile apps which Apple is providing with an advertising platform.

The revenue-sharing scheme is simple as well.  Apple host and sell the ads, developers get 60% of the revenue and both of them goes home smiling from what they’ve earned. In addition, Apple will also make it easy for developers to add the ads on their apps. According to Apple, it will only take an afternoon’s work.

Additionally, iAd will keep users in the same app instead of kicking them out. Apple will be utilizing HTML5 to carry this out. iAd ads will be interactive, thanks to HTML5 and will look like a native iPhone/iPod/iPad apps.

Now for the clincher – Apple said that not only developers can make the ads, even ad agencies. That’s how easy the iAd can be implemented.

Question now is – how this will impact other mobile ad platform. Or to be more specific, can iAd give Google’s mobile advertising platform a run for its money?


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Apple Challenges Google’s Mobile Ad Platform with iAd

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