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AOL’s Truveo Joins the Election Fever

As the US election fever heats up, the focus has been directed towards the use online videos in each of the candidates campaign trails. Online video sharing sites and internet properties launched their own Election portals one after the other. Among these election-related sites, the most prominent and widely used medium is online video. YouTube has its own site with user-generated and copyrighted video campaign materials and electioneering clips. Yahoo and Google both have their own election portals. And now comes AOL’s video search engine Truveo with its own election related video portal.Truveo’s election video sites features election related videos from campaigns, networks and user generated contents. It features pages for Democratic’s Clinton, Edwards and Obama and pages for Giuliani, Huckabee, McCain and Romney for the Republican side. The election site also features coverage from national, international and local election sources including late night show discussions and debates featuring the candidates.

Taking on the power of web 2.0 social sharing phenomenon, visitors of Truveo’s election-related video site can sort the videos by popularity, recency and relevancy before sharing it with friends in various social networking sites. Visitors can also rate the videos. And since the site culls video using Truveo’s search engine, visitors can search for specific videos using various search keywords that is most appropriate to the theme of the videos that they want to view.

To encourage participation from the social web, bloggers and practically everyone else can create their own election-relate videos using Truveo’s APIs, Feed, Snag and Save features.

I’ve been covering Truveo’s developments the past couple of months and I would have to give credit to the people behind this powerful video search engine. Unfortunately, Truveo can’t seem to stagger up its feet pretty well and continues to play second fiddle to the other major video search engine. Hopefully, with the U.S. electioneering surges on, Truveo’s election-related video portal would bring more users into its fold.

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AOL’s Truveo Joins the Election Fever

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