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AOL Integrates Goowy Into Platform-A Widget Ads

AOLs Platform-A is now offering Goowy’s widget creation and management services as part of its widget distribution offering for advertisers. AOL purchased Goowy back in February 2008, a startup which specialized in simplified widget creation and “webtop” tools for email, calendars and instant messaging.

Goowy enables the creation, syndication and measurement of widget-based campaigns as a free, value-added service across Platform-As properties and networks.

Goowy forms part of AOL’s People Networks business (Bebo & myAOL) which combines social media network Bebo, the AIM and ICQ personal communications network, and social search and answer service Yedda. People Networks’ collection of community platforms reaches 80 million unduplicated users worldwide.

Advertisers can now utilize Goowy to create customized grabbable web widgets and distribute them across Platform-A, which includes AOLs leading media properties and thousands of sites within Advertising.coms third-party network. In addition, widgets may also be served as ads within Bebo and Facebook applications that are part of the Widgnet publisher network, launched by earlier this year.

While most widget platforms charge additional CPM rates, Platform-A offers the service as a value-add for qualified advertisers.

Widget campaigns, powered by Goowy, will leverage Advertising.coms AdLearn technology for full optimization across Platform-A based on clicks, installs, and other campaign objectives. By distributing widget ads across Platform-A, marketers will be able to create more compelling ad units, include more dynamic content, and build longer-term relationships with the growing number of consumers who are increasingly downloading applications to their social network pages.

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AOL Integrates Goowy Into Platform-A Widget Ads

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