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AOL and IAC Invest in Web TV Startup Brightcove

AOL and IAC Invest in Web TV Startup Brightcove

AOL and IAC Invest in Web TV Startup Brightcove

Looks like AOL and IAC both want a piece of video search : Brightcove, an Internet television startup that helps programmers syndicate shows across the Web and collect money from it, plans to announce on Tuesday it has attracted new high profile investors including AOL and IAC/InterActiveCorp, and a distribution pact with AOL.

Jeremy Allaire, known for making Macromedia Inc.’s Flash software one of the most popular formats to view video online stated “We’re talking about the open distribution of video programming over the Internet,” Allaire said. “It’s about aligning content with audience sets.”

And the business model?

Program owners that upload videos to Brightcove’s servers can simply opt to let Brightcove attach a 15 or 30-second commercial to their videos. Brightcove takes an estimated 30 percent cut of ad sales, according to Forrester Research estimates.

Advertising-supported videos will cost program owners nothing to use the service. Advertisers are charged $25 per 1,000 viewers, a higher rate than the average $16 to $20 fee charged on broadcast television, analysts said.

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