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Announcing The Survey for SEJ’s Annual Report 2015

Announcing: Survey for SEJ's Annual Report 2015 | SEJ

How much do most businesses spend on Google ads each month? Are podcasts still a viable content marketing strategy? Is content marketing really a thing, or all hype? 

If you have ever asked yourselves these questions, you are not alone. At SEJ, we spend a lot of time thinking (and talking) about the digital marketing industry, and we had some questions.

Announcing: Survey for SEJ's Annual Report 2015 | SEJ

So, we decided to start an annual survey of digital marketers to see what you have to say about the changes in our industry. (Plus, we like numbers, so there’s that.)

The State of Digital Marketing

In order to see where our industry is growing and how strategies are changing, we created a short survey—and we need your input.

Please, if you have the time, share your thoughts about the state of digital marketing in this short survey.

The survey has four sections: SEO, PPC, social, and content marketing. Each section has around five questions, for a total of 23 questions. Then entire survey should take no more than ten minutes of your time. (We timed it at six minutes, so it might take you way less time if you are quick!)

Please answer the questions to the best of your ability, and feel free to choose the “not sure/not applicable” answer if a question is about an area you aren’t familiar with. Please note that all answers are anonymous. BUT we do ask for your email address — but for good reason.

Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card

We’d never ask you do to something for nothing, which is why we are offering every person who completes the SEJ Annual Survey the chance to win one of two $100 Amazon gift cards. (Only one entry per person!)

Buy your self something pretty, get started on Christmas shopping, or, you know, be responsible and buy food or something. It’s totally up to you.

Take the survey now and get registered to win an Amazon gift card. Do not forget to give us your email at the end of the survey, or you won’t be registered to win! (Don’t worry, we won’t add you to any mailing lists or send you the results unless you check Yes!)


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Announcing The Survey for SEJ’s Annual Report 2015

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