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No matter what it is you’re trying to do online, there’s probably an app for it out there somewhere.

The only trouble is, discovering exactly what that app ‘is’ often takes more time than it does to complete whatever it is you were trying to do in the first place, given that there are so many of the damn things lying around these days (not to mention, so many dog gone app markets to search through).

Now wouldn’t it be great if someone, somewhere, built a search engine especially for finding apps?

Well Voila!, they did that already, but the problem is that the vast majority of internet users probably haven’t heard about Quixey, hence they continue to be frustrated in their quest to find a helping hand.

Quixey, in the likely case that you didn’t know already, is a specialized search engine-cum-marketplace that cuts out all of the review articles and the spam and delivers app-hunters exactly what they’re looking for, whether it’s for an iPhone, an Android, a Windows Phone, or, low and behold, even a Blackberry.

All in all, Quixey sounds like the ultimate solution for anyone looking to quickly and efficiently download the most suitable app they need to complete whatever task it is they have in hand, except for that one fundamental problem – nobody’s heard of it.

Enter, who everyone has heard of, to save the day. As of today, the question answering search engine will now be featuring integrated search results from Quixey in its own search pages, making the hunt for mobile apps and web applications a far simpler task than it used to be.

According to Quixey, the integration will apply to any search made in which appears to be app-specific. So, for example, a search for something like “best racing games for iPhone” would see throw up Quixey’s recommendations for all of the best racing games currently available on the iOS platform.

Searching for apps has never been easier… All you have to do is ask 😉

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