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Amazon Reportedly Testing Generative AI Tools For Sellers

Learn more about Amazon's experimental generative AI tool that could help sellers craft product descriptions.

  • Amazon is testing an AI tool that generates titles and descriptions for product listings.
  • The tool is aimed at minimizing manual effort but still requires human oversight for compliance.
  • Ecommerce platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, and Wix have announced similar AI-powered features.
amazon generative ai seller tools

Amazon is reportedly testing a generative artificial intelligence (AI) tool for sellers that writes copy for product listings.

This marks a significant move in integrating large language models (LLMs) into ecommerce. The tool is anticipated to revolutionize how merchants create and optimize product descriptions.

AI-Generated Product Descriptions

Amazon’s new AI tool, first reported by The Information, allows merchants to generate titles, descriptions, and bullet points for products.

Sellers can enter keywords that describe their product, and the AI responds with a potential title and details for the listing.

The tool is currently being tested with a limited number of sellers.

An Amazon spokesperson confirmed to The Information that they are testing AI solutions for sellers to craft product details that appeal to customers.

With the amount of data Amazon has from product users and customers, it should be able to develop a generative AI tool that crafts descriptions to align with consumer needs.

Generative AI Content Must Adhere To Guidelines

Despite the promise of reducing copywriting efforts, Amazon emphasizes that the tool won’t replace human review and editing.

The company’s strict guidelines for product descriptions ensure that details are reviewed for compliance by Amazon.

These policies cover everything from compliance with relevant style guides to avoiding using HTML, JavaScript, or offensive content.

Sellers must accurately describe their products, avoid creating duplicate pages for existing products, and adhere to specific guidelines for variations and listing styles, including character limits for product titles.

The rules also strictly regulate the content allowed in titles, descriptions, bullet points, or images, ensuring they remain free from inappropriate content, personal contact information, promotional material, or time-sensitive information.

By enforcing these policies, Amazon aims to ensure a clear and consistent customer buying experience while controlling AI-generated product descriptions, thereby maintaining accuracy and integrity in product listings.

Ecommerce Platforms With AI Selling Tools

While an intriguing development, Amazon isn’t the first to implement generative AI features in seller tools.

BigCommerce offers 21 apps and integrations for AI chat, marketing, and personalization.

In addition to hundreds of AI apps, Shopify introduced an AI-powered product description writer and an AI assistant for automating small tasks.

Wix also launched AI-generation tools for building websites, crafting product descriptions, writing blog content, and designing logos.

The Larger Implications Of Generative AI In Ecommerce

Launching this tool could give Amazon sellers a distinct advantage over competitors by reducing the time spent writing product descriptions.

Improved product descriptions – assuming they are accurate – could lead to more sales and reduced returns.

However, not everything is smooth sailing. Amazon’s slow adoption compared to other ecommerce companies could indicate potential challenges in implementing AI solutions efficiently.

Amazon’s move to automate product descriptions with AI and other ecommerce platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, and Wix could redefine copywriting and content marketing in ecommerce.

While it opens the door for more efficient workflows for ecommerce store owners and marketers, it also raises concerns about the reliability of product descriptions for consumers.

Ecommerce businesses will need to take extra time to review AI-generated content for product pages to ensure it accurately aligns with what the consumer will receive.

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Amazon Reportedly Testing Generative AI Tools For Sellers

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