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#Amazon Offers Social Friendly “Pages” for Brands

Amazon is kicking off the holiday season with new brand opportunities for their 3rd party vendors. Introducing Amazon Pages by Amazon Marketing Services.

#Amazon Offers Social Friendly “Pages” for Brands

Holiday shopping season has begun in earnest, and Amazon is kicking it off with new brand opportunities for their 3rd party vendors.  Introducing Amazon Pages by Amazon Marketing Services.  These pages allow brands to build a customized experience on Amazon complete with an Amazon URL, social media integration, and analytics.

Amazon logo.

According to Ingrid Lunden, writing for TechCrunch:

The analytics are limited currently to how well brands’ Amazon-led efforts are performing, but there isn’t really anything stopping the company from offering the same kind of measurements to brands for their positioning across the wider internet — putting Amazon in closer quarters against the likes of Salesforce and Oracle in the process.

The bigger effort around pages, meanwhile, gives Amazon a significant leg up in its positioning brands and smaller businesses that might potentially look to Amazon as a way of running their full online operation, in place of their own standalone websites. The fact that there are URLs involved here also gives another intriguing twist to the news from many months ago about Amazon filing for dozens of generic new TLD names like “.buy”, “.group”, “.room” and “.shop”.

Here are the basics of the features offered by the Amazon Marketing Services:

Amazon Pages

Brand registration is free and will enable an authorized representative to create a custom Amazon URL (  The pages are set up with an easy-to-use editor and predetermined templates.  Included in the templates are options for header, “hero”, images, and layouts for merchandising and social posting.

Amazon Pages.

Amazon Posts

Amazon continues it’s commitment to making e-commerce social.  Brands will be able to align social marketing efforts with e-commerce objectives and bring a social element to the presence.  Currently the feature enables posting to the Amazon Page and Facebook simultaneously and offers scheduling for featured posts.

Amazon Analytics

Amazon Analytics provides metrics such as reach, views, considerations, and purchase lift.  This will help brands understand more of the relationships between social interactions and purchasing decisions.

With the marketing power and name recognition of Amazon, is this something you would consider adding to your e-commerce mix?

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#Amazon Offers Social Friendly “Pages” for Brands

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