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AgileBid: PPC Management Solution for SMBs

AgileBid is a pay-per-click (PPC) bid management solution designed to automate PPC campaign management for small and medium sized businesses

AgileBid keyword testing view

AgileBid is flexible, smart and innovative – the first service of its kind generally available for small businesses (SMBs) at a fraction of the cost.

AgileBid keyword testing view

AgileBid is a pay-per-click (PPC) bid management solution designed to automate PPC campaign management for small and medium sized businesses. A platform-service by Ideagility, AgileBid attempts to optimize the paid advertising spend across both Google AdWords and Bing Ads. The solution simplifies the PPC bid management effort, by identifying the keywords that convert the most sales and leads, while shutting down those that don’t.

According to Rahm McDaniel, Ideagility VP of Marketing, who demonstrated the system in an exclusive Skype interview yesterday, the biggest challenges, and most time-consuming processes, for PPC campaign managers, are to change the bids based on performance; and to test and develop strategies based on new keywords. He explained how AgileBid eliminates this time-consuming process, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on things that matter even more for their businesses. McDaniel also explained that AgileBid has already been extensively tested with Ideagility customers, who noticed significant conversions versus ad spend.

“Our mid-sized customers often drive company-critical sales with less than $1,000 per month spent on pay-per-click ads in Google, Bing and Yahoo. After signing up with AgileBid, these customers typically see their benchmark spend cut by a third, while conversions hold steady or increase. This immediate lift results in return on ad spend in the double digits.”

AgileBid business metrics.

The declared purpose of AgileBid is to empower advertisers of any size to compete alongside larger brands using AdWords and Bing Ads, to capture as many conversions and sales as possible.

AgileBid’s Unique Features

The platform encompasses several unique features, that make it a premiere among other services of the kind:

  • fully automated keyword management and new keyword testing across both Google AdWords and Bing Ads, while dynamically incorporating new keywords proven to convert traffic, improving the effectiveness of campaigns over time
  • end-to-end PPC automation: unlike other PPC bid management tools that require customers to spend time each day or week managing their campaigns via an interface or require them to approve suggestions, AgileBid simply asks customers to define parameters including their ad budget, the value of a conversion and their maximum cost per acquisition and then goes to work optimizing ad spend across both Google AdWords and Bing Ads

AgileBid phone details.

AgileBid is also the first to offer keyword-level phone conversion tracking and metrics, allowing business owners to see which specific keywords and clicks are linked to incoming phone calls. Service-oriented businesses gain new insight into customers, employees and their PPC campaigns with call metrics that include caller geo-location, call recording, answered calls, hang-ups and more.

Who Is AgileBid For, and Pricing

AgileBid is ideal for business owners who don’t have the time to micromanage PPC campaigns, but also for those who lack the resources to hire agencies specialized in PPC management, or who cannot afford enterprise-level PPC tools. At only $50 USD per month for existing PPC campaigns, and the same price for brand new PPC campaigns, this is an affordable service for any business owner. Business owners who want to add an AgileBid expert on strategy will have to pay about $299.95 monthly for AgileBid Full Service PPC Management. Still, AgileBid is now available for every business, regardless of size, and even for agencies who want to use it for customer PPC campaign management.

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AgileBid: PPC Management Solution for SMBs

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