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Advanced SEO Requires Good Analytics Information

Good quality analytics (such as Google Analytics or another paid analytics software packages) provides good and very useful information. If you pay attention to it you could very quickly increase the overall efficiency of your website. You just have to look at the numbers and list to what they tell you. The proof is in the pudding as they say and if you ignore your analytics information you could be missing out on a great deal of potential business and traffic.

Here are some basic areas for you to review in order to find any holes in your website and to help you decipher data that you learn from your analytics:

Conversions: In case you don’t know, a conversion is a completed action on your website, such as lead, sign up, sale, etc.  The most important factor (I think) to learn from your analytics software is the conversion data.  Understanding and learning about how and where you conversions come from can help you make much more educated and better SEO, PPC and Social Media marketing decisions.  I can’t tell you how many people I still speak to think that the best goal for an SEO campaign is rankings or positioning.  Sorry to break it to you, but it is not.  Increasing conversions (and visitor growth) should be the starting goal(s) of your SEO and search marketing efforts.  I won’t get too deep into that as that is not the main point of this post J

Bounce Rate: Whether you are looking at this overall or down to a single page if your bounce rate is really high try to figure out what is turning people off from that web page. It could be a variety of things depending on your business so take a deep look at your page. Is it too much info? Or a lack of info? Do you have too many ads on that specific page? It could also be a combination of all these items. It might just be that your page needs to have a serious over haul.  Bounce rates vary for each client and industry but understanding what yours is and try to improve your bounce rate is very important.

Visitors: When you start to really get into advanced SEO techniques you will need to understand even more so where all of your visitors are coming from. Visitor quality is just as important as visitor growth. You never want to rely on just one stream of traffic because if that stream dries up so does your business. You have to understand where your traffic is coming from because often times it might be from an area that you least expected it to come from. Analytics information allows you to find new locations along with locations of where you might be able to place yourself to find new traffic.

Keywords: Analytics information will tell you what keywords your website traffic is using to find your website. This is a potential to really open things up for you as you grow your business online. As new keywords develop you can capitalize by finding new variations on those specific keywords and using them throughout your website. You have to look at your analytics information very closely otherwise you won’t find those windows of opportunity to help improve your SEO and overall search marketing efforts.

Analytics keeps your approach to marketing your website efficient and smooth. It is all about finding opportunities that could already exist right in front of you. Data and information that you can get from your analytics allows you to find those areas where you can really maximize your efforts in the online world.

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Advanced SEO Requires Good Analytics Information

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