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Adsense Rolls Out Simplified Ad Management Feature

Finally, the days of generating new Adsense and then getting inside blog/site’s code whenever you want to change something in your Adsense units, is over. Adsense is rolling out a simplified way to manageme Adsense units by letting publishers to do their changes right into the Adsense management tab and it will automatically be reflected in Adsense units currently running in their blogs.

So now, during the last stage of the Adsense code generation wizard, users must enter a name for the Adsense code. This name will be given a unique slot ID and will be used to manage the Adsense code later on. Users will no longer have to do the same tedious process of generating the codes again.

Here’s some important points to remember on the how’s and why’s of the new Adsense Management Feature:

  • Old Adsense code will not be automatically updated to include the new feature, the codes will continue to work though.
  • Adsense unit will appear on your blogs/sites after 10 minutes maximum waiting time, but a preview facility is available within the Adsense management account.
  • Adsense unit size is not changeable with the new feature, but users can always generate a new Adsense unit with a different size.
  • Adsense  units created with the new feature can not be easily deleted within Adsense account, it will go to in active status and be hidden if it has not generated impressions for the last 7 days.
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Adsense Rolls Out Simplified Ad Management Feature

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