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Adsense Referral 2.0 Gets Out of Beta, Now Available for All Publishers (?)

Inside Adsense announces that the recently launched (for beta testing) referral scheme for Adwords advertisers’  products will soon be available to all Adsense publishers in referrals-supported languages. Dubbed as Referrals 2.0, the new scheme allows Adsense publishers to direct traffic from their sites to various advertised products of Adwords clients and earn on a cost-per-action traffic conversion. It is a way for Adsense publishers to select only products and services that matches the niche of their blogs or websites.

Here are some of the key benefits of the new Referrals 2.0:

  • Expanded product inventory – with the inclusion of Adwords advertisers products and services, publishers now have more option on which products to advertise on their blogs/sites,
  • Category and keyword targeting – selecting which products and services to advertise becomes easier through category and keyword matching,
  • Ad unit optimization – publishers have the option to “pick best performing ads” when implementing a referral unit,
  • Better targeting for pages with multiple themes – narrow down ad units targeting depending on the theme used by the page where referral units would appear,
  • Greater compensation for high-quality traffic – earn more from high-quality traffics your blog/site drive towards an advertiser’s account which would result to complete sale or action,
  • Add your seal of approval – review the products, influence your readers’ action through you own personal approval of the products and services that you advertise.

Adsense Referral 2.0 will gradually be available to all Adsense publisher accounts in the next couple of days. For awhile I thought i could play around with it, but it seems like it would take some more days before referrals 2.0 becomes available in my Adsense account.

In the meantime, check out this snapshot of how the new referral setup looks like inside Adsense setup.

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Adsense Referral 2.0 Gets Out of Beta, Now Available for All Publishers (?)

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