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Adsense Click and Miss Reminder to Publishers

Inside Adsense Blog is reminding Publishers about accidental clicks on Adsense ads implemented on their blogs. Adsense publishers must ensure that ads are properly placed on their blogs, specifically,

  • not too close with Macromedia flash games,
  • under pop-ups or download prompts,
  • near site navigation controls.

Ads implemented in the said instances get accidentally clicked by blog or site visitors without necessarily purchasing anything from the advertising sites. And since they are recognized as valid clicks by the Adsense robots, then Google is obliged to pay advertisers the necessary click through rates of the corresponding ads.

To avoid getting categorized as invalid clicks, the Adsense blog reminds publishers to avoid placing ads near interactive elements of their sites. Better yet, read the adsense tips and guidelines again to review your Adsense implementation.

Is Google really losing a lot from these fraudulent clicks of Adsense ads? Or are fraudulent clicks from ads located near interactive site elements really produced invalid clicks to a signigicant degree? Oh well, better follow the rules than risk your adsense publishing account. After all, it’s better to gain a small amount in a legitimate way than get rich the wrong way.

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Adsense Click and Miss Reminder to Publishers

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