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Adobe Launches New Optimization Software – Adobe Target

Adobe is known for a lot of things—Photoshop, Flash, Premiere, etc.—but what you probably don’t know is that the company has created a brand new optimization software, called Adobe Target, that is designed to help Internet marketers and brands track their traffic and target their niche audience more successfully.

In a recent video interview, Search Engine Journal’s Murray Newlands got the inside scoop on Adobe’s latest product from Kevin Lindsay, Director of Product Marketing at Adobe. In their conversation, Kevin told us that Adobe Target is aimed at helping businesses overcome the longstanding hurdles of digital marketing, optimize the experience for both the advertiser and the end user, and ultimately help both parties achieve the end result that they’re looking for.

Later in the conversation, Kevin also talks about how Adobe Target is setup to make analytics a more user-friendly experience, enable people with very limited knowledge of analytics technology to understand the information and target their audience more effectively.

“Traditionally the people that are involved in analytics and A/B testing and targeting activities are people that have a lot of experience and they’ve had the keys to the car all this time and not really shared that activity, and for good reason—this stuff has not always been easy to use and it has taken people who have had a pretty good understanding of analytics and testing methodology to use this stuff,” Kevin said.

“But what we’re now seeing among the retailers we work with, and the travel/hospitality kinds of companies we work with—you have different folks now that are in the business that actually have revenue responsibility and they want to get in on the action. They actually want to perform some of the tests themselves, they know the audiences that are most important to them, and they want to really figure out how they themselves can control some of that targeting activity.”

Adobe Target

Keeping all of this in mind, Kevin concluded by telling us that Adobe has designed Target for these users in particular.

“It’s almost a democratization that’s happening within digital marketing, and so we’ve taken the product, we’ve made it really, really easy to use, we’ve streamlined the process, built in some best practices into it, and offered a step by step process to allow even the inexperienced person, a brand marketer for example, to go through those steps, setup a task, and target some content to their favorite audience.”

To learn more about Adobe Target, tune into the full interview with Kevin and stop by their website at‎.

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Adobe Launches New Optimization Software – Adobe Target

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