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AdBrite Opens Up to Facebook Apps

AdBrite Opens Up to Facebook Apps

For awhile I thought AdBrite had already folded up until I read from that it is opening advertising opportunities for Facebook Apps developer and giving AdBrite advertisers a new avenue to place their advertisements on. I use to run AdBrite in my personal blog, but low CTR and revenue generated prompted me to take it out from my blog.

At any rate, in response to Facebook apps developers’ clamor for a way to monetize their product, AdBrite is launching its own channel on Facebook apps such as iLike, Pirates, and Fight Club.

In an interview with, AdBrite co-founder Philip Kaplan said that many Facebook applications developer have already signed up to use AdBrite on their product, hence prompting AdBrite to formally opens up its Advertising program for integration into the Facebook apps.

If you are a Facebook application developer, you simple needs to create an AdBrite account and you will be included in the Facebook Application channel. If you are an advertiser you need to do the following steps in order to advertise on Facebook applications:

1. Create a new AdBrite campaign.

2. Select the Category Targeting tab; choose “Target Your Campaign”.

3. Look under “Site Content Targeting”. Choose Select Specific Categories.

4. From the column of Specialty Channels on the right, just check the Facebook Apps to get started.

The AdBrite Special Channel currently has more than 100 Facebook applications under its fold.


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