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The challenge for every website owner is to keep their websites updated with quality content catering to all search options. SEO 2012 is all about Content Creativity , Content Excellence and Content Marketing . The main focus is on creating unique content in all forms – images, videos, infographics, text, audio, etc. Google has focused on quality content like never before with their series of Panda Updates in 2011.

Content marketing and social media presence are not the new SEO and are certainly not replacing search, they are supplementing SEO along with all the other on-page and off-page factors on which we have been working on till date. Panda or no Panda content has been king since the first web page was published on the web. It is Google who has become capable in picking quality content in 2012 and hence wants to reward sites with quality content with more visibility.

So, adding regular great content is the key to the right start, but just having great content is not enough, as the search engines are checking the social buzz too. So, this content (the Link) has to be shared on the social media platforms for a good outreach and a viral ripple effect. The conversations around the shared content add the valuable trust and authority factor and the contextual mentions and the replies add to the magnitude of this factor.

Every piece of content in any form and on any platform created by you or shared by you is adding on to the data on the web. This data created and shared by you gets inter-linked and becomes your online identity. The social signals add to the reputation and this online reputation is the lifeline of any online presence. In the real world, “You are what your thoughts are” on the web “You are what You Share and where you share”.

As Tim Berners-Lee (The Man Who Invented The WWW and created the HTTP protocol ) has shared in the video below all this data on the web whether it is government data, enterprise data or social data is inter-linked and has relationships and all these signals are establishing your web presence. The likes, the shares, +1s, etc. are just a medium to quantify these signals .

The statement made by Avinash Kaushik at SES London this year is also stated below gives an indication about the social search impact. [Embedded Tweet]

SEO is like establishing your business online and whatever factors apply in real life to establish a business are also applicable for online presence.

The SEO just tries to help you to highlight these factors and makes it possible for the search engines to record it in their index to influence better search presence. Just like in real life you need to have an attractive sign board, a good product, a competitive price, good WOM, efficient sales people, etc. which help in improving your business .

Google also tries to find such signals via many platforms and metrics. The social media buzz and the UGC generate your digital WOM, your website content reflects the product details and company ethics, The Time On Site and the bounce rate metrics indicate the interest level of the people in the products, the online sales indicate the acceptance of the product and pricing, etc.

SEO is all about helping you establish your over all web presence in a qualitative way so that each and every foot print of yours on the web gets indexed and your best foot is put forward, for every search made on the web. Though SEO is a subset of online marketing , it is has got its own niche in the whole online marketing scenario.

Whenever we talk or discuss about organic rankings we discuss about how the search engines are improving their algorithms for churning out quality results as per the ranking factors which mainly revolve around the content and other quality factors of the website.

When we discuss about PPC campaigns , conversations and discussions get focused on the bid amount and how the search engines are working on reducing the click fraud rate. This basic difference itself tells us that PPC is pure advertising but SEO is about overall quality web presence and therby getting ranked for quality results as an offshoot benefitting the site and the search engines.

SEO is a service which every website owner will require constantly as the web and as a result SEO are evolving all the time hence every website needs the SEO attention to adapt the site to these changes and keep pace with this evolution. Companies will need to have an in-house SEO team or outsource it to some SEO agency but they cannot ignore SEO.

Whenever we compare SEO to Paid Search or every time we try to rename SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, we are destroying its true identity and existence. SEO as a whole is not facing any identity crisis , it is the people or companies who are selling SEO as a quick option for getting online business and are misleading the business owners are facing a crisis. SEO today has evolved and has an additional dimension of social signals but its true essence still remains the same of making your web presence qualitative and helping you put the best foot forward. Good SEO focuses on qualitative over all web presence which is indexable and thereby high rankings and returns and not vice-versa.

Author Bio: Bharati Ahuja | WebPro Technologies | @webprotech | +Bharati Ahuja is founder WebPro Technologies India, SEO Trainer and Speaker, Web Entrepreneur, Blog Writer, Internet Marketing Consultant.

Bharati Ahuja
+Bharati Ahuja is founder WebPro Technologies India, SEO Trainer and Speaker, Web Entrepreneur, Blog Writer, Internet Marketing Consultant. Follow her on twitter @webprotech
Bharati Ahuja
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  • Alvin Nguyen

    Bharati, what is your thought about people getting paid for writing article and submit it into article directory just for the sake of having something written and link back to the money website?

    Will having a blog at the owner website be something more realistic and stable in achieving more love from Google?

    • Simjen

      Alvin; blogs are a great resource to have implemented to add quality content to your website. Nearly every SEO strategy I implement will have a blog.

      In terms of article marketing; this is still a must with all my SEO strategies. Content is definitely king and if you leave out this variable of SEO, you’re letting your SEO strategy down.

    • Bharati Ahuja

      Alvin, in my opinion any content which is written just for the sake of adding content does not serve any purpose. Every piece of content in any form should be informative about the subject matter or should share the writer’s opinion about the topic and add to the knowledge about the written topic.

      Else sooner or later it will be considered as low quality or thin content and will have to face the wrath of the continuous panda updates.

      We saw what happened to sites which had this kind of content on their site when Google launched the Panda update. This is just the beginning and I think only the content rich in information and details about the topic and which serves the users visit to the site will get all the Google love and attention.

      Content is not only articles written on the blog but every comment made on any platform , the tweets, posts on FB and Google+ , etc. also attribute to content.

  • Shashank Gupta

    Bharati, you made a great point by saying that just great content is not enough, sharing ti too is crucial. We have seen a lot of clients and peers in the industry too who just focus on creating great content, and then expect the Google and world to discover the content by itself. Sharing is a definite must, specially with the increasing number of social signals search engine’s are incorporating in their results.

  • Micke Svensson

    Great article.. Thanks from sweden

  • Amie Marse

    Comprehensive piece – thanks! It’s so important to remember that Google is becoming smarter and smarter when it comes to social influence. Even if you take personalized results out of the equation (which I am not sure why you would) you only get benefits from social sharing and sharing in a variety of formats. It’s like podcasting of 2008.

    Thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Yasir Sami

    Well written!
    Thanks for this wonderful post, I am sure this will help people getting in touch with the latest happenings in internet marketing world

  • Pavan Rai

    Excellent Post !! . It is very helpful for everyone who think about to start a successful Content, Inter-Linking strategy.


    Bharati Ahuja

  • Bharati Ahuja

    Shashank Gupta , Micke Svensson, Amie Marse and Yasir Sami ,


    Glad that you all liked the post. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Patina Marketing

    I think this article points to something that most small companies are not yet thinking of developing and that is a online strategic marketing plan that is focused on using web analytics, measuring and ROI. In the past concentrating on one area of online marketing like: Search Engine Optimization, Local Search, Content Marketing, Social Media channels, Inbound Marketing or Pay Per Click was enough. Today, small business need to understand what end result they seek and then what it takes to get to that action by understanding the Who and the Why of customers and the actions they take.

  • Meh


    First of all i don’t know why you keep on stressing more on SEO in your article. I have seen here more of SEO getting repeated in your paragraph?? Why you need to define SEO so much?? See anyone can write any dam content and try to share, so what’s new in it.

    I don’t believe that just by sharing content in google+ or fb will work. Becz there are many users who don’t even click or share. Mostly its only the SEO’s who share or click for likes just for promotion sake. I mean its like one type of SPAM trying to promote each stuff.

    Content is not the king. Link is the king. Again google has billions of content data. Google still highly depends on link and not on pure content. Becz you can have many good sites have good content but still they don’t rank why? Its becz of the links. Only links play the crucial role. Content is only a small brother. Content should be there but if you have some strong links then you can get the 1st position!