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A Short Message from SEOcret Santa

A Short Message from SEOcret Santa

Greetings friends, colleagues, cohorts and compatriots of the SEO universe! Have you signed up for SEOcret Santa yet? The ‘Secret Santa’ for SEOs all over the world. Last year dozens of SEOs from all over the world signed up. This year more than 60 SEOs have signed up already and they are waiting for YOU!

How does it work?

  1. Sign up for SEOcret Santa here before 9th December.
  2. After that, SEOcret Santa will send you the details of another SEO someone in the world for you to buy & send a small gift.
  3. Wait anxiously for your gift to arrive from your secret santa.
  4. Feel like George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life as your gift arrives & you realise “They do care! They do!”

Who is this for?

If you work in the SEO world, you should join in! (and if you’re not, what are you doing here?!) More than 60 people have signed up so far. Gifts are very small at around $5/£5, so don’t worry about the money side of things. It is about the fun of the giving rather than the size of the gift!

How do I sign up?

Sign up is easy. Simply fill in the quick form here.

Should I really sign up?

Yes! We’ve covered this! If you’re still not convinced – the SEOcret Santa team (@JoannaButler & @DanBarker) are giving away 3 real Christmas Trees from the nice people at , and 2 sets of these unbelievable, incredible, unmissable, infinitely brilliant Yoda Holiday Lights, drawn randomly from all of the signups on December 9th.

Sign up here before December 9th:



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A Short Message from SEOcret Santa

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