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A Keen Mind in Sheep’s Clothing

Zuckerberg moves almost as fast as you can say “hoodie.”  While we were feasting our eyes on the media’s fascination regarding Mark’s choice in clothing, Facebook donned itself in two more acquisitions.  I say ‘more,’ in reference to the few-week lapse in acquisitions; as we all have heard, Facebook acquired startup Instagram as of late.  What businesses got friendly with Zuckerberg and crew this round?  Tagtile and Glancee are the newly-crowned friends of the Facebook empire.

It’s understood Mark conducts business in a zephyr-like fashion.  “I met with Mark on a Friday afternoon.  By Sunday night, we’d signed papers and announced the deal on Monday,” states Paul Buchheit of Instagram who is now involved in Y Combinator, but sold FriendFeed to Facebook in 2009.

In one vein, some could see Zuck’s fast and furious acquisition as capricious; yet, in modern times, being quick on the draw enables brands to keep pace and a leg up on competitors.  Buchheit contrasted Zuck’s style to that of traditional brands that let decisions ferment before taking physical action.  It seems when Zuck sees something he wants, he goes after it, regardless of time passed.

Two years ago, Zuck wanted Foursquare.  The latter camp decided it was too soon to merge.  Zuck couldn’t get what he initially wanted, the entire Foursquare; so, alternatively, he got one of its components, a software engineer who’s now working on similar projects for Facebook.

The New York Times author, Jenna Wortham, believes we can likely predict future FB behavior if we consider Zuck’s temperament against the makeup of recently acquired brands.  For instance, Tagtile is a customer loyalty service.  It’s projected that Facebook will be more aggressive regarding coupons in the near future.

Actually, the notion of assuming Zuckerberg is immature due to his clothing, hoods the fact that he seems to be pretty savvy at recruiting for his team.  As referenced above, Zuck not only acquires other companies, he’s strategic in garnering staff members.

Let’s review some facts.  Last April, Zuck brought on the founders of Daytum.    Six months later, FB rolled out its timeline.  Recently, Facebook hired Wilson Miner and Elizabeth Windram; some believe the workers’ expert skills will be used to aesthetically boost ‘the Book’s’ mobile applications.  As one analyst observes, Zuck’s acquisitions are more about talent.  It makes sense; with the talent, Zuckerberg can pretty much replicate or stem-off of technologies and make them ‘his own.’

Facebook has over 800 million users worldwide, yet the number of new users is slowing down in America.  Facebook hopes the acquisition of Glancee, a social discovery app, can change those dynamics.  A similar social service alerts people of others ‘of common interests/friends’ via smart phone alerts, hopefully facilitating the process of friend making.

While all the hoopla centers on his hood I believe Zuckerberg is a savvy entrepreneur in sheep’s clothing.

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A Keen Mind in Sheep’s Clothing

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