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Upon returning from my lunch meeting today I noticed a new icon on my Facebook profile asking me if I wanted to start using Graph Search, and of course, I canceled my next meeting and started to geek out! Below you will find screen shots from the tutorial & search functions. 

Graph Search Begins



The tutorial show an example broad search term. Just like Google‘s keyword recommendations, when searching for “Redmond High School” other search options are displayed.


The tutorial moves on to show an example that allows me to search my social graphic for a more exact request.  Based on the type of search (my friends who), additional keyword options are displayed. Notice that I can ask Facebook to show me my friends who went to Redmond High School before 2012 or after 2012, how cool is that? How will you search your social graph?



Then, my friends appear on result listings. My lucky friend Dianna Johnson, now SEO celebrity, was chosen by the tutorial. Relevant information about my friends is displayed. I wonder if the information that is displayed would change if I searched for “Friends in Redmond who like Opera”


Graph search allows us to search different categories of content that we have engaged with. I wonder what type of sponsored content I will be able to place in the Games or Music category!


On the right side of a Social Graph result listing the ability to refine the result listing is given.


Looking for a new job or a contact that works at a company that you are trying to reach out to? Well, use the Work and Education filter on your result listing.


Do you want to know what friends like poker or opera music, play games using Facebook apps, or have similar likes and interests as you do? Social Graph search will help you with that.


Want to know who your single friends are that like soccer? Now’s your chance to find out! Watch out Match.com

Graph search is just beginning, and I’m excited to see what the possibilities are.  Stand by for more insights from the social search front!


Gabriel Gervelis
Gabriel Gervelis is the owner of Gervelis Search Marketing. You can find him on Twitter - @seo_pro,
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  • Ros

    Gabriel, it’s going to be a minefield. Your post is interesting and I would definitely like more info on this as the roll-out progresses. I’m in Spain and guess that this will be one of the later countries to get this facility but forewarned is forearmed!

    • Gabriel Gervelis

      Ros – I have a few more posts coming out on this topic soon. You should be able to go to the “Social Graph” page and register for the beta, it took 4 days for me to be accepted. Here is a link – https://www.facebook.com/about/graphsearch

      I’m not sure when they are planning on a 100% launch but I will keep my ear out.

      cheers –

  • Chris

    It will be exciting to see how this pans out. I signed up to be on the waiting list this morning. The sample query they had turned up folks I knew right away. It will be interesting to see what marketers do with this.

    • Gabriel Gervelis

      The marketers will have a field day with it! I’m excited to see what type of apps hit the market using the graph search api.

      For me, the really interesting part is to see how the public uses it. Imagine what different types of keywords will be used in graph search vs web search, and all we can learn from them!


  • Ydeveloper

    Finally, Facebook has launched something like search engine, let’s see if it compete with Google’s search as almost an year ago Google has launched a Google+ and people were talking that it’s new social network directly competing to Google, now it’s time for facebook!

  • Sundar

    Thanks for a crisp post Gabriel. Yes, this will be an exiting feature for Marketers. BUT, need to get clarity on data protection & privacy aspects. Per current FB privacy controls, Users can control who can view their profile data (i.e none, Friends, Friends of Friends etc) and who can view their Timeline (to which ‘Likes’ are linked) – I hope that if a User has opened his Profile only for Friends & not for Public, FB does not allow Marketers to pull their data.