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A Blueprint for Expanding Your Blog’s Reach

A Blueprint for Expanding Your Blog’s Reach

Are you looking to increase the audience and e-mail subscribers to your blog? Do you feel like you have maximized your exposure in your niche? Well here is a strategy you can try that will help you to find new visitors and a brand new audience to your blog.

The key is to identify the different audience profiles or target market your blog caters to. It may help to write down your primary audience and then your secondary audience. By doing this, it will paint a clear picture as to who you want to come to your blog and how you will achieve driving those type of visitors to your blog.

Another aspect of your blog you should think about is, what other related audiences would enjoy my content? For example, I am an Internet Marketer and I primarily read internet marketing blogs; however I also read web design blogs, entrepreneurial blogs, and some wordpress hack blogs. Even though I am not involved in those things on a day to day basis, they are things that compliment what I do and important to keep up with.

So why wouldn’t web designers want to learn how to market the websites they build better? What wouldn’t a WP programmer want to make sure they optimize their plugin for maximum exposure?

The below graphic is an example of the thought process I go through when I think about the different audiences that may be interested in visiting my blog. As you can see, I first look at the broad audience that I want to cater to and then break that audience down into sub-groups. You can even breakdown the sub-group into sub-sub-groups if you wanted to.

(Click the image to see the larger version)

A Blueprint for Expanding Your Blog’s Reach

Once I have a clear picture, then you need to start taking action.

  1. Guest blog on these related blogs, tying in your expertise with their target audience
  2. Connect with these bloggers on Twitter and Facebook
  3. Send personalized emails introducing yourself
  4. Request an interview
  5. Partner with a blog on a product or Blog Network

One example that really helped my blog in the initial stages was writing regular guest posts for My goal was to attract web designers who were interested in learning more about Search Engine Optimization and how to design a better website for users and conversions. It really helped me gain a lot of quality traffic, subscribers, and opt-ins to my blog…who are now regular readers.

So if you are struggling to continually build your traffic and audience, try this strategy and start reaching out to a new audience.

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A Blueprint for Expanding Your Blog’s Reach

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