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70+ Most Useful Mashable Posts for Search Marketers and Developers

Today I have collected links of 70+ very useful posts from Mashable. These Mashable posts cover lists of various tools for Web Designing, Web Development, SEO, Users, Tools for Generating Income, Tools for Downloading, Tools for Gmail, Tools for Freelancers, Tools for Bloggers etc. I hope this list of Mashable post will be helpful to you.

  1. 20 Icon & Graphics Generators
  2. We’ve put together a list of 20 sites that’ll help you create icons, favicons, animations and various graphics in no time.

  3. URL Toolbox: 90+ URL Shortening Services
  4. Here you can find 90+ URL shortening services sites.

  5. 50+ Places to Buy Groceries Online
  6. Here are 50+ online grocers specializing in everything from everyday basics to regional favorites whether you’re in the US or abroad.

  7. HIGH SPEED DOWNLOADS: 60+ Download Managers
  8. Here are a few to get you started; some are ugly, some are decidedly 1.0, and some even cost money (gasp!), but they all do the job.

  9. 20+ Firefox Plugins For Managing Email
  10. Mashable has compiled over 20 Firefox plugins which enable you to send, receive, check and manage emails from your favorite web browser.

  11. 50+ Tools For Torrenting
  12. To show that torrenting isn’t all bad, we’ve rounded up 50+ tools to help you get started on the torrent path, all with totally legal uses.

  13. DOWNLOAD EVERYTHING: 30+ Firefox Add-ons For Downloading Images, Videos & Files
  14. Every day we all run across content we would like to save a copy of. Sometimes, it’s even legal to do so. This toolbox gives you Firefox add-ons to save just about anything from a webpage you could ever want. Obviously you shouldn’t install these all at once.

  15. Make Money Online: 100+ Tools and Resources
  16. Making money online is a dream for many, but the simple fact is that it’s often just as tough as making money offline. Due to requests, we’ve put together a list of the most popular money making methods today, many of them focused on blogging and peer production.

  17. 50 Great Widgets For Your Blog
  18. Mashable have assembled a list of 50 useful or simply cool widgets for your pleasure. And remember, the first rule of widgetizing your blog is – don’t overdo it!

  19. ONLINE POLLING TOOLBOX: 40+ Online Polling Sites
  20. Here are more than 40 ways to assess readers’ opinions on everything from politics to your fashion sense.

  21. Freelancers’ Toolbox – 30+ Online Freelance Resources
  22. Mashable bring you 30+ resources for freelance photographers, writers, and programmers, many of them decidedly web 1.0.

  23. 30+ AJAX-Powered WordPress Plugins
  24. The WordPress blog platform has thousands of plugins, and many of them now use ajax to improve usability. Here’s our pick of more than 30 goods ones: don’t install them all at once.

  25. ONLINE PRODUCTIVITY GOD: 400+ Resources To Make You Smarter, Faster & a Demon in the Sack
  26. In this article, Mashable look at four ways to get through your work faster: running your life online, mastering RSS news feeds, aggregating your social networks and using keyboard shortcuts to save precious seconds.

  27. Online Maps: 50+ Tools and Resources
  28. Trawling through all the mapping sites out there, Mashable have compiled a list of the most interesting online mapping tools that some are referring to as “Maps 2.0?.

  29. Work Together: 60+ Collaborative Tools for Groups
  30. With businesses and families spread out more and more, we’ve dug up 60+ sites that will help everyone be on the same page.

  31. ONLINE MEDIA GOD: 400+ Tools for Photographers, Videobloggers, Podcasters & Musicians
  32. Mashable have compiled the largest list so far of useful tools for self-made photographers, videobloggers, podcasters and musicians.

  33. 70+ Tools For Job Hunting 2.0
  34. Job search has evolved over recent years, with hundreds of companies piling in to the space. Mashable have picked out more than 70 that should help job seekers get ahead.

  35. 40+ Firefox Add-ons for High Speed Blogging
  36. Mashable have pulled together more than 40 add-ons for Firefox that provide quick access to handy blogging tools. But whatever you do, don’t install them all at once.

  37. 20 Ways To Aggregate Your Social Networking Profiles
  38. Social network aggregators is a relatively new breed of applications which try to consolidate all your various social networking profiles into one, with varying success. Let’s check out 20 biggest competitors in this field.

  39. Online Music: 90+ Essential Music and Audio Websites
  40. Here are more than 90 sites for musicians, fans, and everyone who enjoys music.

  41. Podcasting Toolbox: 70+ Podcasting Tools and Resources
  42. Mashable have compiled a monster list of 70+ tools and resources for podcasters and wannabes.

  43. Blogging Toolbox: 120+ Resources for Bloggers
  44. Mashable did its best to bring you a comprehensive list of blogging resources, which should be equally useful to beginners as well as veteran bloggers. Enjoy.

  45. 14 Personalized Homepages Compared, Feature by Feature
  46. Here you can find out list of 14 websites where you can do personalised homepage.

  47. 230+ Keyboard Shortcuts for Top Web Services
  48. Mashable have prepared a list of the most useful keyboard shortcuts  for our favourite web services. So, if you need a quick reference as to which key does what on what site, this is where you find it. Enjoy!

  49. 90+ Online Photography Tools and Resources
  50. Photos are everywhere on the web. From sharing with friends, to editing, printing, buying, selling, searching, remixing and free hosting, we’ve lined up a plethora of resources for photo fiends.

  51. Video Toolbox: 150+ Online Video Tools and Resources
  52. Online video is a huge trend – so huge that’s it’s proving hard to keep track. From video sharing sites to video mixers, mashups and converters, Mashable have brought together more than 150 of our favourite sites in this category. Enjoy.

  53. Online Productivity Toolbox: 30+ Resources to Get Things Done
  54. Being unproductive on the web is easy: click over to YouTube, surf Facebook profiles or go on a Wikipedia binge for a couple of hours. But thanks to the many free and useful new applications on the web, it’s also getting easier to keep your life in order. For the next installment of Mashables’s “toolbox” series, Mashable take a look at the best services for staying in control of your life on the web.

  55. The Ultimate RSS Toolbox – 120+ RSS Resources
  56. Here you can find out the comprehensive list of all the RSS readers, tools, browser plugins, tips, hacks and directories available on the web.

  57. Analytics Toolbox: 50+ Ways to Track Website Traffic
  58. Here you can find 50+ tools for tracking a websites, RSS and Blogs.

  59. The Tagging Toolbox: 30+ Tagging Tools
  60. Looking for tag-related resources can be tough, so Mashable have dug up 30 tools and resources that every seasoned tagger should check out.

  61. The Wiki Toolbox: 30+ Wiki Tools and Resources
  62. Wikis, sites that can be collaboratively edited, are among the most popular tools for groups working together online. Mashable have rounded up 30 of the best sites and resources – most of them free or low priced.

  63. EBAY TOOLBOX: 50+ Tools for eBay Buyers and Sellers
  64. Mashable have rounded up 50+ tools to make life easy for eBay buyers and sellers.

  65. 40+ Free One-Column Website Templates
  66. Here are more than 40 that are CSS based and standards compliant (or at least with a good head-start on being so). The best part is that they’re all free!

  68. For those who think 90+ IM clients are too many for anyone to handle, Mashable wholly agree: that’s why a good number of these are actually tools to aggregate all your IM buddies in one place.

  69. 40+ Ways To Access Your Computer Remotely
  70. Here you can find 40+ ways to access your computer remotely.

  71. WEB OS RUNDOWN: 45+ Web Operating Systems
  72. There are many more web operating systems hoping to bring all your usual desktop applications online in one place. Some replicate the entire desktop, while others are startpages with info from around the web – here are more than 45 of our favorites.

  73. 30+ Language Tools For Firefox
  74. Here Mashable present 30+ tools for Firefox to help you transition between various languages, and maybe even learn something in the process.

  75. FORUMS GUIDE: 70+ Resources for Creating a Forum
  76. Here’s Mashable take on 70+ forum engines, hosts, and tools.

  77. MOBILE PRODUCTIVITY TOOLBOX: 45+ Mobile Productivity Resources
  78. Mashable have compiled a list of mobile productivity tools that are accessible through WAP enabled sites, mobile download applications, voice, and SMS integration. Some of them use web applications while others are standalone, but they all help you stay productive while on the go.

  79. WORDPRESS GOD: 300+ Tools for Running Your WordPress Blog
  80. WordPress has inspired hundreds (if not thousands) of plugins and tools to customize your blog. In this article, Mashable have compiled a list of more than 300 of our favorites.

  81. GMAIL TOOLBOX: 60+ Tools For Gmail
  82. Mashable presenting: 60+ tools and resources for Gmail.

  83. 30+ WordPress 2-Column Themes
  84. You can see 30+ WordPress 2-Column Themes.

  85. SOCIAL BOOKMARKING: 50+ Social Bookmarking Sites
  86. Here are more than 50 of the top social bookmarking sites available.

  87. 30+ Tools to Turn WordPress into a Personal Hub
  88. These 30+ WordPress tools will help you display and run more of your digital life from WordPress itself.

  89. COLDFUSION TOOLBOX: 20+ Resources for ColdFusion
  90. Mashable have gathered 20+ ColdFusion resources for you.

  91. 25+ Online Tools For Information On Weather
  92. Here 25+ online tools available for information on weather.

  93. Another 16 Firefox Add-ons For Web Designers
  94. Here you can find 16 very useful Firefox add-ons for web designers.

  95. Web Design Toolbox: 50+ Tools for Web Design
  96. Here you can find more than 50 tools for web design.

  97. VOIP TOOLBOX: 30+ VoIP Services
  98. Here you can find 30+ VoIP service providers that enable users to make free or cheap international calls through computers, landlines or cellphones.

  99. P2P TOOLBOX: 30+ Peer to Peer Services
  100. Here you can find more than 30 of the leading peer to peer services.

  101. DIGG TOOLBOX: 50+ Digg Tools and Resources
  102. Mashable have compiled a list of more than 50 Digg tools and resources.

  103. GREEN LIVING TOOLBOX: 80+ Green Sites
  104. Mashable have rounded up 80+ tools, social sites and resources to help you help the planet.

  105. Travel Toolbox: 75+ Online Travel Resources
  106. Mashable have rounded up 75+ sites to help you on your way, including travel search, deal sites, travel social networks and user-generated reviews.

  107. ITUNES TOOLBOX: 30+ Tools For iTunes
  108. Here you can find 30+ tools for iTunes.

  109. COLLEGE TOOLBOX: 60+ Tools For Back To School
  110. This list comprises everything from financial aid to local guides, social networking, web-based applications and much more for the student with no time to waste in getting the most out of their education.

  111. ONLINE PRESENTATIONS: 30+ Presentation & Slideshow Services
  112. Mashable have rounded up more than 30 tools to create, host and share online presentations.

  113. SHOPPING SPREE: 18 Sites for Social Shopping & Deals
  114. Here’s a list of the best places to share your shopping picks.

  115. 40+ Free Blog Hosts
  116. Here you can find 40+ free blog hosting platforms.

  117. 30+ WordPress Plugins for Statistics
  118. Here you can find 30+ wordpress plugins for statestics.

  119. FLICKR TOOLBOX: 100+ Tools For Flickr Addicts
  120. Here’s 100+ ways to get even more out of the popular photo site.

  121. IPHONE TOOLBOX: 75+ iPhone Resources
  122. Here you can find 75+ iphone tools and resources.

  123. 30+ WordPress Plugins To Get More Blog Readers
  124. Here are 30+ WordPress plugins to help you garner some of that attention, and then retain readers once they visit.

  125. Facebook Powertools: 150+ Apps, Scripts and Add-ons for Facebook
  126. Mashable have picked out the leading browser extensions, desktop applications, Greasemonkey scripts and Facebook apps – more than 150 in all.

  127. CMS Toolbox: 80+ Open Source Content Management Systems
  128. Mashable have rounded up more than 80 popular CMSs due to reader requests.

  129. Q&A TOOLBOX: 30+ Tools For Questions and Advice
  130. All of us can use help sometimes, and people on the Internet have the answers you need. Turn to these 30+ sites when you’re stumped.

  131. ONLINE STORAGE: 80+ File Hosting and Sharing Sites
  132. Due to popular demand, Mashable have put together a list of more than 80 of the leading file hosting services, many of which are completely free.

  133. Web Development Toolbox: 120+ Web Development Resources
  134. Mashable have compiled a list of over 120 web development resources.

  135. PDF Toolbox: 40+ Tools to Rip, Mix and Burn PDFs
  136. Here you can find 40+ tools to rip, mix and burn PDFs.

  137. 50+ Tools For The WordPress Admin
  138. Mashable have compiled an A-Z list of more than 50 plugins to help you streamline everything you need to do out back.

  139. GTD NINJA: 50+ Websites For the Kickass Control Freak
  140. Here you can find 50+ websites for the kickass control freak.

  141. SKYPE TOOLBOX: 50+ Enhancements for Skype
  142. Here’s a look at more than 50 Skype tools (note that some services have fees associated with them).

  143. 35+ Ways to Find and Plan Events Online
  144. Here you can find 35+ ways to find and plan events online.

  145. 50 Free, Full Length Movies on Google Video
  146. Here you can find the list of 50 free, full length movies on Google video.

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70+ Most Useful Mashable Posts for Search Marketers and Developers

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