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Google Now Powering Opera Mini Mobile Search

Users of Opera Mini as the default browser of their mobile phones will be surprised to find out by March 1 that the mobile phone browser’s default search engine is now Google instead of Yahoo search. Google and Opera have extended their seven years of partnership in Opera’s Desktop browser into the mobile web, giving Google search engine additional users of around 100 million comprising Opera Mini followers.

Jon von Tetzchner, CEO of Opera said that his company is excited to the extended partnership with Google and hopes that the 100 million peope using Opera Mini will be glad as well.

“Google and Opera have established a valuable relationship over the years and we look forward to continued collaboration on mobile products,” says von Tetzchner.

It took Opera Mini more than a year to realize that it needed a better mobile search engine than what Yahoo search currently offers to Opera Mini users. As what David Utter of Web Pro News noted, it was not too long ago that Opera was touting Yahoo as its mobile search partner. And suddenly comes the switch. You just got to love how these corporate exchanges partner in an instance.

Opera Mini knows how to align its services with the signs of the times. Everybody is realigning their strategy towards Google’s Android and its up and coming release. As early as now, Opera Mini wants to get a piece of the action in the exciting world of Google’s mobile operating systems.

Or it could also mean another thing as pointed out by David. Another buyout prospect for Google?

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Google Now Powering Opera Mini Mobile Search

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