6 Super Tips for Creating a Natural Backlink Profile

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If you’re paying for links or building them manually, it’s becoming more and more important to make it look like you’re gaining them naturally. That’s because, as a site owner, you’re supposed to be gaining them naturally, at least in Google’s eyes.

And the search engines are becoming increasingly good at sniffing out links that, by their rules, haven’t been earned.

In an ideal world, what is considered ‘earned’ would be up for debate. In the real world though, we must play by their rules.

Therefore, if you’re actively involved in the backlinks you obtain and not simply sitting back and taking whatever comes at you via your ‘too awesome for words!’ content, then don’t raise any flags and make it easy for Google to discount your hard earned links.

Follow the tips below the help keep your link profile as natural looking as possible.


Because things that aren’t in accordance with nature are easy to spot.

1. Vary Your Anchor Text

Targeting one specific term and building links with exactly the same anchor text and description is never a good idea. Instead try to gain links that have varied versions of your preferred anchor text. For example, if your main term was “online college degrees” you might also target; ‘college degrees online’, ‘online colleges and degrees’ and even ‘degrees and colleges online’. Also get some links that are just straight URLs (and even images) as not every site would naturally link to you using anchor text or keywords.

2. Don’t Focus on Just Pages with High PageRank

Again, in the natural realm of things, not every site that links to yours would have high PR (or even any PR). Don’t be afraid to ask for, or spend your money, on backlinks from pages that are of good quality and indexed, but maybe don’t have oodles of PageRank. They’re not a waste of time if they’re helping to balance out your link profile.

3. Don’t Forget Your Inner Pages

Don’t focus your campaign solely on gaining links to the homepage. Choose important inner pages and get links to those too. By doing this you’ll be showing Google that your content is garnering interest.

4. Get All Different Types of Links

There are many different types of backlinks, with editorial style ones being the best. Definitely try to score these but don’t focus exclusively on any one type of link. Also strive to gain links from blogrolls/sidebars, resource type pages, quality directory listings, social media sites, sponsorships and awards etc. Basically anywhere it makes sense for your site to be listed or mentioned.

5. Stay Away From Link Schemes

Avoid automated link programs and spammy “submit site” or “add url” type of sites. Showing up in these places only tells Google that you may be actively seeking links to increase your popularity. Focus on obtaining links that not just everyone can have (i.e. ones you can bring home to mama).

And again, only get links where it makes sense.

6. Keep the Link Velocity Slow and Steady

Unless your site has recently been mentioned on CNN or made the homepage of digg, be wary of the rate at which you are gaining your manual links. Just remember, it isn’t only the sheer number of links that matters in the long run but the quality of the sites linking to you.

Melanie Nathan operates CanadianSEO, a Canada SEO company with a reputation for creative link building. Follow Melanie on twitter to learn more.

Melanie Nathan
Melanie Nathan operates CanadianSEO, a Canada SEO company with a reputation for creative link building. Follow Melanie on twitter to learn more.
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  • Jim Rudnick

    Wow…great piece Melanie!

    and your comment — “…things that aren’t in accordance with nature are easy to spot…” is spot-on!

    hope more than me catches that tip too, eh!



    • Melanie Nathan

      Thanks Jim! 🙂

      I just thought of tip #7 I could have added:

      Be wary of purchasing links via sites with link purchase forms.

      By that I mean, be careful about buying a link on a site where all you did was click “buy a link here” from the homepage. If *you* can easily tell it’s a paid link, then so can Google.

      This is why, when it comes to paid links, you’re best off picking sites to target and then making deals directly with the site owners 😉

  • Ewan Kennedy

    I’d be interested to know your stance on link buying services like TextLinkBrokers (see banner on right).

  • Brian Farrell

    This is great advice for those of us who believe writing great content (for ourselves or clients) will attract its own links. And I really hope more SEO-types would read and memorize your first hint: vary your anchor text.

  • Steven van Vessum

    Good post Melanie! It may be useful to add that it’s good to have nofollowed links as well. That supports the fact that you’ve got a natural backlink profile

  • Adam Walker

    Nice post! Thank you. What do you think is it real to earn some money with some nice webpage and google ads or some other advertising on site by the process of backlink? Do you have some own experiences?

  • Tahire Khan

    I would certainly agree, keep it natural. My advice to lcients is no more than 20 links per day, does anybody else have guideline figures?


  • Tahire Khan


  • napnipnop

    great tips! i always build backlink from profile page. and also free blog site like tumblr. thanks for your post.

  • napnipnop

    great tips! i always build backlink from profile page. and also free blog site like tumblr. thanks for your post.

  • Ramesh

    Great Tips. this helped me to know about backlinking!
    I have a question, will u clear me pls?

    Can we use social networking sites for backlink? Will search engines consider that?

  • Duyu Nimey

    yeah its really hard to hunt for the high PR back link and most of the high PR sites never give a links. Google should count the links of low PR sites too, after all they too are are part of the web isn’t it??

  • Address Joffer

    Yes, It is not a child’s play to get a quality back link. I think it is a neck breaking job to get a link from relevant site where heading, title is related with the linker site even better if it has better Page Rank than the linkers site. Time has gone when people where waiting for other site owners that they would like my site and post my link on his site.