6 SEO Scams you Need to Check while Hiring an SEO Company

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Have you come across so called SEO experts saying they guarantee complete success for you and your company? Well, you might have. In fact, there are hundreds of such people who may or may not guarantee your total online success but for sure they guarantee taking away your hard earned money without doing much!


Don’t forget to do your homework about the company you are going to hire for search engine optimisation and check out some of the points where you need to be cautious. Be sure you don’t hire somebody with unreasonably high claims.

We offer Free of Cost Services

In such tough economic times, can you really believe anyone to be providing you with free of cost services? Sounds unbelievable, right? Yes, it is unbelievable. There can be special rebates once in a while or low pricing or perhaps one odd service offered for free along with other services for which you’ll be charged but the entire services for free is nothing but a scam. One who claims to be doing this for you must be doing this only to get access to your information and other details and there is no other way at all.

We Guarantee First Page Ranking

Nobody can guarantee this. The top ranking of any site actually depends on the traffic that comes to that site. And nobody on earth can guarantee traffic to your site. One can surely work upon it help you get visibility and exposure leading to better traffic but surely there’s nothing like a complete guarantee.

We Submit your Site to Hundreds of Search Engines

This is again a foolish claim to make and if you believe in it, surely you’re letting them make a fool of you. First of all, how many people use those hundreds of search engines? Second, do you really know if 100 search engines really exist and if they do are they useful? Will your audience ever use those 100 search engines? The one simple and straight forward answer to this question is “No.” Nobody uses more than 3 or 4 search engines. And your site doesn’t need submission in more than these 2 or 3 popular search engines. Simply ask the company you’re planning to hire to make a list of at least 10 of the popular search engines to which they claim to submit your site.

We have Great Connections. We know somebody working at Google!

This is an absolute lie, a real scam. Not every company can ever have so called “connections” at the search engine giant like Google. And even if somebody has such connections, the person at the Google will never get associated in any kind of fraudulent keeping their jobs at stakes just to get some sites with better online positioning.

We are Google Algorithm Experts

Google Algorithms are complex things to understand. And when it comes to the algorithms used for SEO purposes they are not only complex but are also very dynamic in nature and keep changing from time to time. It is fine to know a lot about certain parts of it but it is absolutely impossible to be an expert of the entire thing. If somebody is claiming this, he’s simply trying to fool you.

We have Secret Formula for SEO Success

To be really successful in SEO, one just needs to make right efforts and work with right focus from the beginning to the end. And there is no secret in it. If somebody says they use secret formula, they are either using unethical means or are simply trying to get your attention and nothing more than that.

So, avoid getting search engine optimisation services from a company selling scams and don’t let any scammer make a fool of you.

Jaydeep Dosi

Jaydeep Dosi

Technical Director at Adaptative
Jaydeep Dosi is the Technical Director of Adaptative Info Solutions. Adaptative is leading web design & development, mobile applications and search engine optimisation company. Anyone... Read Full Bio
Jaydeep Dosi
Jaydeep Dosi
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  • Reg Charie

    I think you need to redefine your SEO.
    You state:
    “The top ranking of any site actually depends on the traffic that comes to that site.”

    This is totally wrong.

    The top ranking of a site depend on the presentation of it’s keywords and content.
    I have had a brand new site with ONE link get a #1 listing when the #2 site had over 500,000 links. (And the associated traffic)

    • Jaydeep Dosi

      Of course keywords and content helps in getting better ranking but it works the best only when your targeted audiences land up on your page and go through it, use it, appreciate it and there is a low bounce rate of your page, you get better ranking. Or in other words a more reliable ranking.

      • Norm

        Well I have to agree with Reg. That line caught my attention as well.

        Additionally, we offered a guaranteed service (as an add on to our existing web service), such that if we did not achieve first page results, we did not charge the client. We only charged for the month if they were on page 1 for that month.

        For that reason we did not sell the service to just anyone. We had to be selective in who we sold the service to, and we had to agree on the terms. If you are thinking we picked ridiculous long tail phrases you would be wrong.

        The bottom line is it’s still easy to get on page 1 for reasonable searches in many local markets.

        Also, don’t confuse submission to hundreds of directories with the hundreds of search engines. Many consumer’s won’t know the difference, but submitting consistent name, address and phone numbers across 100s of local directory websites is an important part of local seo.

    • Jaydeep Dosi

      Hi! Norm, yes, it is not very hard to make your presence on the first page for local searches for certain keywords, but of course with good amount of time and efforts, however, the scammers exaggerate it and promise things which are almost impossible.

  • Fathi

    It’s really hard to stop those scammers doing their bad work, the main problem is that people stay believe what they’re saying, as you said, there is no 100 search engines, only One big (Google), Baidu for Chines and two others that you can use as an option (Bing and Yahoo). but you can go without the last two. All others are a geographical are a micro search engines or directories with outdated content. Anyway a real CEO company will not guaranteed any ranking, But it should advice to get the best ranking with quality content, good linking but not fast linking. And then the traffic will comes normally without problem.

  • Nancy Badillo

    Thank you for writing about SEO scams when hiring a company. This is a topic too many people do not talk about but is very crucial for any one starting Online Marketing. I had a previous website where they offer 5000 backlinks in 10 days. I bought the backlinks and was penalized by Google. It is very crucial to understand the different scams out there. Thank you for the informative article I will be sharing in my blog.

    • Jaydeep Dosi

      Thanks Nancy, I’m glad that you liked the article and will be sharing it on your blog. Yes, we need to wait for quite some time before we get the backlinks, getting too many of them too fast can be troublesome.

  • Chuck

    According to Matt Cutts, there are more than 100 factors affecting your website’s rankings. Unfortunately, most of the SEO companies(there are some good ones too) are using Black Hat SEO tactics which is not good for your website.

    • Jaydeep Dosi

      Yeah Chuck and now after the release of latest updates of Penguin things will see more shifts from the earlier criteria. And every time there’s a new algorithm update, things get slightly difficult; one has to make far more efforts than otherwise.

  • Geoffrey Winn

    What great article. I was offered the world by an SEO “expert” in Brisbane when I set up my first website and decided not to go ahead because it seemed black hat (vehemently denied by them). But the main reason I decided not to go ahead was that it was too cheap to be true. Now I’m sure it would have caused trouble with Google. But my question is, given the Google updates that elevate content, what’s the point of paid SEO for a small business that represents an enormous resource outlay? Isn’t it better for a small business to devote resources where it counts, in content development?

    • Joseph de Souza

      A small business or any business website for that matter has to have good content, preferably or as far as possible unique. Even an e-commerce website has to have the product descriptions well written and different from the product manufacturers descriptions that are found on umpteen number of websites. Next the site structure has to be proper and the keyword research has to be done and the keywords properly targeted in the page title, descriptions as well as content. The urls should preferably be descriptive and there should not be any duplicate content. It should be checked that your cms, if using one should not generate duplicate content. (i.e. two urls for same content)
      In case of a local business your local address has also to be mentioned in your content.
      The budget of any business will be better spent if they concentrate on the above things first, before turning their attention to other things.

      • Jaydeep Dosi

        Well said, Joseph, sometimes e-commerce website owners simply place their products online and add no description to their products or simply pick up one or two odd lines which leads to content duplicity and creates trouble in ranking. In fact, “content really is the king”, we need it in various different ways for various different sites.

    • Umair Maqsood

      Geoffrey, you have raised a good point here. Content Development is itself a part of SEO. And if you ask me, I have never been a fan of SEO. Being a Digital Marketer I always preferred SMO (Social Media Optimization) over SEO. Because:

      * It’s more interactive
      * It’s real time
      * It’s instant
      * It involves the audience(target market) more

      Thanks & Cheers!

      • Jaydeep Dosi

        Umair, this is what I wanted to say, thanks for sharing your points here.

    • Jaydeep Dosi

      Yeah, most of the time cheap services tend to be black hat or some kind of scam. Well, Geoffrey, content development is also a part of SEO, as your content will need to include proper keywords, which requires a great deal of keyword research. So, when you are actually investing in content development, you are indirectly getting your site SEO-ed.

  • Tony

    What gets me are those spammers offering services on my web forms. They give a big spew on how wonderful their services are, but their contact will be a Gmail address.
    You would think a great SEO firm would have a homepage they could be proud of that ranked well!

    • Jaydeep Dosi

      It is kind of common with many spammers, they themselves make their presence unauthentic.

  • Reginald

    Hi Jaydeep, thanks for sharing this. I don’t believe anything called free. Seriously free? There ain’t any free lunch in this world and…thanks for writing this.

    Great to know these especially when it comes to SEO companies 🙂


    • Jaydeep Dosi

      Thanks Reginald, for appreciating the write up. Yes, nothing actually comes free. But the word “free” is one of the best working keywords, lolz! So, you look up for pizzas online you’ll find pizzerias offering extra cheese free with the pizza you order, but obviously, nobody will offer an entire meal for free!

  • PHP Development Company

    I am completely agreed with above mentioned 6 SEO scams. When I had approach one SEO expert, he had given me guarantee of top ten ranking without knowing my targeted keywords. hows it possible? it shows they are interested only money. Organic result would take time and SEO is name of patience,there is no any scientific rocket behind it.

    • Jaydeep Dosi

      Yes, that’s true; SEO needs a whole lot of patience. It is not possible in a day or week and even months at time. You need to put in a great deal of efforts and stay updated with every single update that Google introduces or anything new that Bing or Yahoo comes up with in order to enhance the ranking on these search engines.

  • suraj

    This is true that most of the SEO contractors offer free services. However, i found some job providers in virtual workplaces who mentioned that you work for free and we will give you feedback. Not every time agency is wrong but the entire SEO market is getting down.

    They are not playing healthy game among each other.

    • Jaydeep Dosi

      Yes, once in a while some companies may offer you a treat of discount or one or two services free when you buy other services but nobody gives you everything for free ever. It is possible that a start-up will try to influence clients with free working but even in that case, nobody will spend a whole lot of time as SEO needs a lot of time and effort to do the entire job for free. A sample job can either be one odd page or something similar. But in most cases, SEO companies prefer showing you the work that they did earlier instead of doing things for free.

      • suraj

        Yes, Jaydeep,

        You are completely right on your stance….the biggest concern i have working as SEO executive having marketing education background is that there is no technical quality is required to become SEO executive.

        Most of the people who don’t have anything to do can become the SEO Executive. Most of the companies never ask for any specific qualification and hire the employees for Off-page SEO.

        What should I do to ensure my candidacy and beat the competition?

  • Folmand

    I have co-worked with multible SEO-Companies, and I have got a lot of personal and expensive experience. Actually one of the most expensive SEO-Companies, was also the biggest scam. I paid thousands of dollars for spammy PR-0 links, blogcommenting etc, and a very very few articles.
    If you wan’t to do it right and not get tricked, you need to know a Little about SEO yourselfe, before you order external help. A good idea is weekly reports with lists of all the links which are build. THen you have to check up on whether the links are alive, relevant og the Moz-rank om the pages where the links are submitted to.

    That was my 50 cents.

    • Jaydeep Dosi

      Thanks Folmand, your 50 cents are worth reading! You’ve said it right, to stay safe from being cheated, better learn the things yourself and have proper knowledge of it to judge the people you hire for a certain work.

  • Makenzie Hardy

    Great article! I can’t tell you how many companies come to us after being scammed by SEO companies guaranteeing first page ranking. Their sites don’t even have meta or page titles! It’s amazing what companies can get away with. Thanks for the article!

    • Jaydeep Dosi

      Thanks Makenzie, I’m glad you liked reading it.

  • Sarah

    Got to agree with Reg also. Top ranking pages will generate you traffic, you made it sound like it was the other way around. Only with good on-page and off-page SEO will you rank and therefore be able to get that traffic in the first place. Getting traffic does not improve your rank but high ranking will increase your traffic.

    • Jaydeep Dosi

      Of course, improved rank will get better traffic but if there is no traffic at all or let’s say no many people are actually visiting the site and it is only dependent on SEO, it won’t work long. I personally came across a few sites, first the ones that had really good ranking for certain keywords but nobody ever landed up on it and the site turned out to be a failure. Another one had it all, great ranking good amount of traffic but was dumped by Google as the SEO part was unethical which got it on top so easily.

      We need to focus on every aspect we our aim is to make our site survive in the online world.

  • Abhishek Mishra

    Your Explanation is extremely good, but most of the client go with the cheaper options and they face it’s penalty. I had seen people need their website in first rank but when is come’s at the point of money, their mindset about project goes down. You had exactly explained in the words which was mostly used by the seo spammers. Good Joydeep …i am waiting for your next article.

    • Jaydeep Dosi

      Thanks Abhishek, for such a wonderful feedback! Sure, I’ll soon be penning more for you!

  • Patel Vidhu

    For small business or personal website seo services seems to be costly. For Companies who generate revenues in millions can afford it.

  • Ayush

    Hi Jaydeep,

    You really made things pretty clear with the post. “Great Connections” and “Search engine algorithm experts “..These two itself make the confidence an over-rated one…
    Good One !!


  • Russ Hayes

    Lots of great comments but I think it’s important to add a couple of numbers to this list.

    7. Avoid any SEO company that can’t provide accountability for the offsite SEO work they do. Example: A client portal where the client can log in and find links to where content is being placed, etc. etc. or at minimum a file report in Excel, (less professional) but at least it has some level of accountability.

    8. Avoid the no contracts, cancel at any time firms. Reputable SEO firms firstly should know how to communicate that SEO is a long term commitment and it does a client no good to pay for SEO for two or three months and then just quit. A good firm will be just as invested in the clients success as the client is and we all know that every one on page one is doing something to maintain their rankings and that isn’t going to stop.

  • Debbie Rosado

    Most of the claims are just too good to be true. That in itself is already doubtful and does not merit trust from companies. Those absurd claims are just too obvious but they can still be very deceiving when stated in a good way. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

  • Matt Roberts

    Yes those listed issues are important but I think the explanations the author uses for the basis for his arguements/points is a little whack lol.