5 Tools to Measure Your Twitter Activity

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You might think there has been too much buzz around Twitter this year, but love it or hate it, there is no denying the fact that it is an awesome tool the full potential of which is yet to be discovered. This time I am listing some tools that will help you evaluate your Twitter activity.

Twitterholic creates a handy chart showing how your following has been growing over time. Besides that, it lets you see your daily stats in form of a table where you can find your followers, friends and updates numbers each day throughout the current month.

You will also be able to learn how many people signed up for Twitter before you.


TwitGraph will tell you:

  • your most favorite (often tweeted) words;
  • your most active Tweet-days;
  • your most favorite Twitterers (those you talk to most often);
  • your most favorite links.


TweetStats.com creates charts and tables showing:

  • your tweet timeline (when you were most active);
  • your most active hours pr day;
  • your most favorite Twitterers (friends you most often reply to).


Twitter Grader is like a Website grader for your Twitter page. It will give your profile a grade based on your following, update rate, the power of your followers, the completeness of your profile, etc (other sources are not disclosed).

I liked the Twit cloud feature showing my most favorite terms (I turned out to love to smile ๐Ÿ™‚ most of all).

Surprisingly, having only “2,071 Overall rank, out of 527,902 I managed to get 99,6 out of 100 Twitter grade (am I that bad at mathematics?).

twitter grader

Follow cost will calculate how annoying you are (and how annoying it will be for others to follow you). The “follow cost” is measured in milliscobles (if you are interested to know what it is please investigate).

Follow cost

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

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  • Sean

    How come your twitter grade says 97.6 when I test it?

  • Guillaume

    Really useful!! Do you have a global ist of all the tools available for Twitter?? Have you tried people browser and MrTwitt??

  • ColinM123

    Thanks for the mention Ann!

  • Colorado Springs Real Estate by Kathy

    Great article; there were a couple of twitter applications I never had heard of.

  • Dante

    Ann great post. I wasn’t aware of a couple of these 3rd party twitter tools.

    Sean, http://twitter.grader.com/ is constantly crashing and being updated. You can follow them: http://twitter.com/grader and they will let you know when the tool is down/fixed.

    If you search for http://twitter.grader.com/seosmarty now her grade is back up to 99.6


  • Bloggeries Directory

    Great list. Knew of a few trying the others now. Most interested in how annoying my tweets are lol.

    Nice read on this Friday morning.

  • Barry Hess

    Thanks for mentioning Follow Cost!

    We have added a couple useful indexes as well, including an account of how many political and @-replies tweets a Twitterer writes. We think that’s relevant information. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Brady

    Thank you for the wonderful tweet tools! Follow me at https://twitter.com/texeyes

  • Seobat

    Another Twitter profile evaluator and stat

  • markandey

    Another tool to measure your twitter activity. measure friends twitter activity. measure keywords twitter activity. and many more.

  • bloglarr

    Thank you for the wonderful tweet tools!