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5 Tools for On-page Image Usage Analysis

5 Tools for On-page Image Usage Analysis

Image optimization is both vital for “search engine friendliness” and web accessibility. Let’s look at a few top tools that can help you analyze both the aspects of image proper usage:

3 out of 5 Juicy Studio Image Analyser is a handy online tool that will look at each image on a given page and evaluate the following parameters:

  • image width / height;
  • alternative text;
  • an URL to an image long description.

Juicy Studio: Image Analyser

Note that some of the “errors” found by the tool should not necessarily be corrected (e.g. very seldom an image needs a long description URL), so use it rather for informational purposes than as a call to action.

3 out of 5 Alt Text Checker (by Durham University) will list an alt text information next to each image found on the page:

Information Technology Service : Alt Text Checker - Durham University

4 out of 5 Page Size Extractor will give you a quick idea of how the page images influence the page size and hence load time by giving:

  • total number of on-page images;
  • the largest image size;
  • the total image size.

Page Size Extractor - Image size analyzer

5 Tools for On-page Image Usage Analysis Web Developer FireFox: Toolbar offers an array of image analyzing tools:

  • display alt attributes;
  • display image dimensions;
  • display image sizes;
  • display image paths;
  • find broken images;
  • outline images missing alt attributes;
  • hide images / background images;

Web Developer Toolbar - Image Analyzer

5 Tools for On-page Image Usage Analysis Firefox Accessibility Extension offers a most useful feature summarizing all page images in the form of a handy table (the feature can found under “Text equivalents” => “List of images“). The table is extremely easy to use as (1) it highlights “the problematic” images and (2) it can be sorted by any of the following parameters:

  • Image alt text;
  • Image source link;
  • Image width;
  • Image height;

Accessibility Extension

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5 Tools for On-page Image Usage Analysis

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