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5 Reasons to Go to Conversion Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I had my heart set on being at the Conversion Conference in Chicago last June. You can just imagine my frustration (and heartbreak) when these plans were thwarted by unexpected circumstances. So I am determined to make it to the Fort Lauderdale show, which is the last Conversion Conference in the US for this year. Aside from the fact that it’s the last event for this year (which means I’d have to wait till next year or fly to the European shows), I really, really have to make it this time and experience being at the conference. Why? Here are five reasons:

Get out of the digital cave. I know a lot of you can empathize with me on this one. Yes, there are a lot of places on the net where we can read up on or even attend virtual webinars on website optimization but nothing beats getting out and experiencing new environments, or even going back to places you’ve gone to and rediscovering its spaces. Oh yeah, did I mention the conference is in the Sunshine State? I can think of a dozen other places and activities I’d want to check out while there!

Connect with peers. We now have more ways to connect with peers and colleagues but there’s still nothing like meeting them in person. Who doesn’t look forward to real-life interactions with the people you follow or who follow you on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook? Plus, face-to-face interactions are often better for exploring partnership opportunities or meeting people who can endorse you to potential business.

Meet industry leaders. It’s not often you get the chance to hang out with thought leaders and industry leaders. Ask questions to the speakers and get to meet and learn from Tim Ash, Susan Weinschenk, and Brian Massey, plus thirty other experts.

Add and/or update knowledge and skills. This is a real biggie for me considering the unpredictability of the industry we’re in. What better way to keep up with rapid changes than constantly adding and expanding one’s knowledge and skills? Being at Conversion Conference is the best way to keep abreast not only of industry developments but also to learn the latest tactics and strategies in web design, SEO, testing, user experience, and other disciplines that are crucial to us in the internet and tech industry.

Recharge, be inspired, refocus. The daily grind can literally sap us of strength and motivation. For me, attending events such as Conversion Conference allows me to recharge my batteries and re-ignite my passion for work. Being in the company of like-minded folks gives me the boost I need, not to mention the added benefit of gaining fresh ideas and learning something unexpected from other peoples’ experiences.

These are my five reasons for wanting to go to Conversion Conference East this October. If you haven’t been to Conversion Conference either, I say it’s about time!

Want to come join me at the Sunshine State? Then here’s good news: the folks at ConvCon have given us a promo code for Search Engine Journal readers. Simply register and use the code SEJ to take $100 off a two-day pass to the conference. You can apply the code on top of Early Bird discounts so you can save as much as $600 on a full day pass. Remember to register on or before Sept. 7 though as rates will end by midnight on this date. Register now and stay tuned for more updates on the conference.

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5 Reasons to Go to Conversion Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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