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5 Reasons To Enter the Best Business Shorts Photo Contest

5 Reasons To Enter the Best Business Shorts Photo Contest

Today, Raven Internet Marketing Tools launches its Shorts Off Best Business Shorts online photo contest. Unlike contests where you have to RT or Like something to enter, we’re asking for nothing except that you wear your best business shorts, take or get someone to take a photo of you in them and submit that photo.


1. Because if you can wear shorts to work, your work is bitchin’. That’s more than a work perk, that’s a benefit. Speaking of benefits, for every person who enters this contest, and every person who votes, Raven will donate $1 to Career Gear.

2. Because you wear ratty old cargo shorts, and you could use some new shorts. Sure, the grand prize is worth more than $1,200—including a year’s membership to Search Engine Journal and six months of a full Pro subscription to Raven—but we know what you really need is that $200 gift card to Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic or Kohl’s.

3. Because you don’t wear ratty old cargo shorts, and you want to prove it to the world. Just because you’re a geek doesn’t mean you’re a slob, right? It’s not like you’re a… nerd.

4. Because knee cleavage is sexy. That’s why your significant other is always looking down when you walk in front. Your butt has nothing to do with it.

5. Because Raven can’t be the only company that made Business Shorts an official dress code.

This might be your last chance to practice that whole camera-in-the-mirror thing now that MySpace is dead. Enter the Best Business Shorts contest today!

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